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Massport CEO who oversaw Seaport building boom says he will step down

Thomas Glynn, 72, plans to leave in November, ending his tenure one year before his contract expires.

The 111 is one of the busiest bus lines in the MBTA system, transporting 12,000 riders a day along 6.5 miles.
Passengers at Haymarket Square crowded aboard the 111 bus, which is often late and sometimes doesn’t come at all. The trip can be an endurance test.

Lane Turner/Globe Staff

Traffic, crowding, cancellations: This MBTA route shows all the T’s bus problems

The 111 is a rolling case study of all that ails MBTA bus service: overcrowding, delays caused by traffic and passengers who pay in cash, and frequent cancellations.

// Retirees speak Shakespeare’s language, one hard-to-memorize line at a time

The Frances Addelson Shakespeare Players, a troupe whose members are mostly in their 70s and 80s, will take 18 months to prepare for a production of “Twelfth Night.”

// Catholic Church said to have covered for hundreds of ‘predator priests’

A grand jury report released Tuesday said church leaders in six Pennsylvanian dioceses protected more than 300 abusive priests.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Inspector general to review TSA’s ‘Quiet Skies’ surveillance program

The inspector general’s office will investigate the program, in which federal air marshals follow US citizens not suspected of a crime on flights and through airports.