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Keep Nancy Pelosi in power? Many Mass. Democrats running for Congress are hesitant

Of the six candidates who said they would support Pelosi, three are incumbents.

Chilling ‘wrap rage:’ Hasbro and Amazon pack toys with less stuff

The toy maker and Internet retailer have teamed up to ship products with much less of the wrapping and tie-downs that drive people crazy.

// Long-awaited dorm transforms campus life at UMass Boston

The 1,077-bed facility is a longtime dream of Boston’s only public university, one that took decades to realize.

// Another state agency battling payroll inconsistencies

The Massachusetts Environmental Police has quietly allowed officers to prioritize overtime and private work over their daily public service duties.

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// Trump scores a NAFTA win with Mexico and puts Canada in a difficult spot

The Canadians are now deciding — alone — how to respond to the latest news.