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A student walked past school buses outside Codman Academy in Dorchester on Wednesday.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

School bus delays continued Wednesday in Boston, and parents are fuming

Families had to hastily rearrange schedules to drive their children to or from school after some school bus routes were running as much as two hours late in Boston.

// Is the Boston housing market showing signs of a change?

The superheated housing market in the Boston area may be cooling, with more options available and fewer prospective buyers in July.

// A new role for paramedics: treating patients at home

Under pilot programs, a small number of Mass. paramedics treat patients where they are most comfortable, with a goal of avoiding unnecessary and costly hospital visits.

// The number of independent voters in the state keeps climbing

The result for Tuesday’s primary and the primary elections beyond: more uncertainty.

// In the deep blue of New England, a Trump appointee gains respect for protecting the environment

Alexandra Dunn, a proud Republican who leads the EPA’s New England office, has won widespread accolades from the region’s environmental leaders.