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A pedestrian passed an entrance to Harvard Yard.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Harvard admissions ‘may be infected with racial bias,’ DOJ says

The US Justice Department on Thursday said that Harvard University’s admissions process “may be infected with racial bias.”

// School accounts rife with questionable spending, sloppy bookkeeping

A review found problems at nearly every Boston public school, as well as a pattern of schools dipping into student activity accounts or other funds to pay school or city employees.

// On Labor Day, a celebration of ‘Rosies,’ the women who kept the factories churning during WWII

The National Parks of Boston will hold a ceremony Monday at 1 p.m. at the Charlestown Navy Yard to honor and remember the women who, during wartime, took over jobs traditionally done by men.

// Man dies after woman allegedly drove truck into N.H. couple walking dog

Having just found a buyer for their house, a couple was on the verge of escaping a toxic neighbor. Now, that neighbor is accused of running the pair down, killing one.

// Calif. man charged with making threatening calls to Globe

Prosecutors say Robert Chain made 14 threatening calls to the Globe that were “profane, lewd, and peppered with antigay slurs” after the paper launched a campaign in support of the free press.