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Mathew Locke is arraigned in in East Brookfield District Court.

Suspect arraigned in murders of West Brookfield mother, children

DNA traces that matched Mathew Locke — a cousin of the man whose wife and children were murdered — were found on one of the young victims, according to prosecutors.

// DNA test tells man the bittersweet truth: His father was a Catholic priest

James Graham spent decades chasing a rumor: that he was born of an ill-fated love affair between his mother and a runaway priest. On Tuesday, a DNA test finally gave Graham his answer.

// Ayanna Pressley is hailed as a sign of the times

Ayanna Pressley is the latest political wunderkind to topple an entrenched politician. On Wednesday, she called it “surreal.”

// Ayanna Pressley’s victory gives a win to Maura Healey

The attorney general’s backing of Ayanna Pressley was all the more striking given the political heavyweights — such as Mayor Walsh and Deval Patrick — who lined up behind Michael Capuano.

// As few as 52 votes separate Trahan, Koh after Third District race

While Lori Trahan claimed victory — she said she was “confident that I am your Democratic nominee” — Dan Koh was already preparing to petition local election officials.