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Kavanaugh, with support from Republicans, aggressively denounces allegations

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh spoke Monday during an interview with Fox News. He was joined by his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh.

The Republican strategy was the most vigorous effort yet to put the damaging accusations of sexual assault into the framework of a partisan brawl.

// Rod Rosenstein to meet with Trump, with fate unclear

The White House delayed a decision on the fate of the Justice Department official overseeing the Trump-Russia investigation.

// Columbia Gas president pledges to reimburse customers’ costs

In his first extensive interview Steve Bryant explains the utility’s response to the disaster in the Merrimack Valley.

// Should Mass. Pike remain elevated or come back to earth?

The biggest question around Boston’s most significant highway project since the time of the Big Dig sounds like a debate from that era.

// Here’s why there are dead squirrels all over the place

A recent abundance of acorns is the reason for an unprecedented surge in squirrel populations throughout New England, most particularly in New Hampshire.