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“I am a completely different person,’’ Shellye Echeverria of Queens, N.Y., said after her care at a specialized McLean Hospital center.

Annie Tritt for The Boston Globe

Unhealthy Divide | part one

At elegant McLean psychiatric outpost, $2,150 a day, and insurance is not welcome

The well-known psychiatric hospital is steadily expanding in the world of “private-pay” treatment, boosting options for the upper middle class and wealthy at a time when many other patients say they can’t get their insurers to pay for adequate treatment.


// In adventurous building, Harvard gets a ‘front door’ open to the public

You never lose touch with the city outdoors as your near neighbor, because you can see it looking back at you through so many glass walls and windows.

State Police force shrinks, while workload grows

Troopers are retiring at a record clip this year, amid a growing workload — a trend that experts say could cost taxpayers money, imperil public safety, or both.

Brett Kavanaugh’s drinking habits at Yale University are now a subject of debate.

Matt McClain/Washington Post

Yale classmate accuses Brett Kavanaugh of ‘blatant mischaracterization’ of his drinking

Chad Ludington, who claimed he frequently socialized with Kavanaugh as a student, said in a statement that the judge had been untruthful in testimony.