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Gerald Milden is against the dredging in Chatham Harbor and said that it accelerated the loss of sand in front of his home, causing erosion. He stood near the huge boulders that were added to his oceanfront property.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Ban on sea walls faces increasing protests from homeowners

With rising seas and more powerful storms, the coast along the state’s southern flank has become increasingly exposed, leaving more homes vulnerable to the waves.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

// Mass. residents spend more than people in other states. Can we afford it?

We spend a lot on goods and services — and we also earn a lot on average. But most people in Massachusetts are below the state average in earnings.

Elizabeth Warren is spending heavily on national Facebook ads in preparation for a possible presidential bid

Warren has emerged this year as the third-highest spender on Facebook ads, behind President Trump and Ted Cruz’s challenger in Texas.

// The left eyes more radical ways to fight Brett Kavanaugh

Facing a Supreme Court controlled by five solidly conservative justices, liberals have started to attack the legitimacy of the majority bloc and discussed ways to eventually undo its power.

// New devices to combat obesity, from three Boston-area firms

The race to market new weight loss treatments comes as US obesity levels have become “alarmingly high,” according to a study released last month.