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In New England, Aaron Hernandez ran for glory, and for his life

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Hernandez was known within the Patriots as a top star who was beyond odd. Some teammates found him full of “red flag” behavior.

// As trial begins, Harvard’s admissions are under scrutiny

The trial has drawn global attention as the oldest and most prestigious university in the United States defends its highly selective and often secretive admissions process.

Is Elizabeth Warren’s genetic test conclusive?

While some geneticists said the DNA test that Elizabeth Warren released provides evidence of her Native American ancestry, others cautioned that indigenous identity and tribal membership are not determined by genetics but by cultural, familial, and historical ties to a tribe.

// Elizabeth Warren’s DNA results don’t silence attacks against her

Republicans were quick to belittle and dismiss Elizabeth Warren’s genetic test, with President Trump saying, “Who cares? Who cares?”

// With right whales at risk of extinction, regulators consider drastic action that could affect lobstermen

The species is in dangerous decline, with a record 17 right whale deaths and no recorded births last year, and entanglements in fishing gear are believed to be the leading cause of premature deaths.