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Elizabeth Warren went to her childhood home in Norman, Okla., to shoot a recent video.

Alonzo Adams for The Boston Globe

Elizabeth Warren goes back to Oklahoma to emphasize her family roots

There is a long tradition of presidential candidates linking themselves to a down-home past

//[1].jpg Lawmakers make most of travel option

Members of the Massachusetts House and Senate have racked up about 3,000 traveling days since January 2013, a Globe review found.

Unhealthy Divide

For many, a struggle to find affordable mental health care

Treatment has become, in large measure, a private-pay business that operates outside the insurance system.

Dean Kaplan and Sarah Heintz chatted in the apartment they share in Cambridge.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Empty-nester + young adult = perfect roommates?

A new website connects young people and empty-nesters in hopes of giving benefits to all.