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State investigators concealed degree of Aaron Hernandez’s drug use prior to suicide

A newly unredacted account suggests former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was likely under the influence of a dangerous drug, K2, when he died by suicide.

Associated Press/File

An inmate interview raises questions about whether officials sought to hide the extensive use of contraband drugs by prisoners.


// An inside look at how the Red Sox made a championship team

A sense of shared purpose and unity was apparent from spring — these players truly cared about each other.

// The Curse of the champions? Boston takes in another title

What happens when a city whose cursed baseball team once fed a gargantuan sense of civic grievance and self-pity wins again and again?

// When are nurse staffing levels unsafe? Reports fuel debate over ballot question

Nurse staffing reports provide a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes pressures caregivers can feel juggling acutely ill patients. They also have become a tool in the battle over Question 1.

On the campaign trail: Dr. Katie McBrine (right), of Hingham, with campaign manager Melissa Smith.

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Women take aim at Beacon Hill, but parity with men still looks out of reach

In Mass., women make up less than one-quarter of the Legislature, and they’re not likely to find parity soon.

//[1].jpg Harvard weighs more than 200 variables from applicants. Here’s how you can get in

Take Greek instead of coding. Skip the figure-skating lessons, play hockey. Move to Wyoming, get a part-time job, develop spark, cultivate grit, learn with joy! And if you can afford to buy Harvard University a new building, do.