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Dartmouth students sue over alleged sexual assault by professors

Left to right, Annemarie Brown, Sasha Brietzke, Andrea Courtney, Kristina Rapuano, Marissa Evans, and Vassiki Chauhan.

Jennifer S. Altman For The Boston Globe

Seven current and former students say former professors groped students in plain sight, hosted hot-tub parties with students, openly debated who had the “hottest lab,” and sexually assaulted grad students.

Chief James Hurley spoke to reporters in the Leicester Police station house. Leicester, a small rural town next to Worcester, is set to take center stage in a matter of days as the location for one of the state's first recreational pot shops.


A small suburb west of Worcester prepares for a pot pilgrimage

Local officials and residents are preparing for an unusual pilgrimage the likes of which Leicester has never seen.

Kristine Guillaume is the first black woman to serve as president of The Harvard Crimson, leading the newly elected 146th Guard.

It took 145 years, but The Harvard Crimson finally voted a black woman to lead it

Kristine Guillaume, Harvard Crimson’s first black woman president, is ready to turn the page.

Columbia Gas engineer’s failures at root of gas explosions, NTSB says

Firefighters battled one of the blazes caused by the gas explosions in Lawrence in September.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff/file

The engineer who prepared the work plans for replacing gas mains in the Lawrence area failed to account for a critical sensor in a line that was being replaced, the agency said.

The Children’s Hospital researchers will propose clinical trials to test the most promising of the treatments, which could potentially help those with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which has afflicted football players and other athletes.

NFL awards Boston Children’s Hospital $14.7m to study brain injury

Working with retired football players, the researchers will look for ways to diagnose and treat CTE in the living.