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Alicia Restrepo was found fatally shot in her car on Oct. 15. She was 24.

WBZ-TV/Globe staff illustration

8 killings, 11 days, and the last to die was Alicia

It was a stunning cluster of shootings even for a part of the city that knows violence too well. By Evan Allen

// At Plimoth Plantation, not all employees are thankful

As it readies for its annual throng of visitors, Plimoth Plantation remains embroiled in a long-running battle between employees and management.

Pollution plagues the mighty Merrimack when rain is heavy

The Merrimack is one of the most polluted waterways in New England and is one of dozens of regional rivers that are inundated with sewage from treatment plants overwhelmed by heavy rains.

// Republicans are green with envy over Somerville’s ActBlue

The Democratic fund-raising platform was a subject of the GOP’s post-midterm election frustration.