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Marijuana stores are open in Mass. Now what?

Crowds have flocked to the state’s first two recreational marijuana retailers. It likely will be months before any such shops open up in Boston.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

More marijuana retailers are in the licensing pipeline, but don’t expect shops in Boston any time soon.

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How to console those in mourning

Asking grieving friends if you can do something concrete, like mow their lawn or bring over dinner, is better than telling them to “call if you need anything.”

A group of Central American migrants climbed the border fence between Mexico and the United States, near El Chaparral border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico on Sunday.

US agents fire tear gas at migrants trying to cross the border

Authorities said 39 migrants were arrested after a peaceful march devolved into chaos when US agents fired tear gas to stop some migrants who tried to breach the border.

// 20 minutes for one bus, 2 minutes for the next: Why some MBTA trips run back-to-back

“Bunching,” as the phenomenon is known, is a persistent problem on the T and other transit agencies.

// Massachusetts doctors going the startup route

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on elite medical schools, they believe they can do more to improve health care by being entrepreneurs.