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Seth Moulton is playing a risky game against Nancy Pelosi

Congressman Seth Moulton has been a leading voice against Nancy Pelosi in her bid to be speaker of the House.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff/file

House Democrats are expected today to elect Pelosi by a large margin. If that happens, Seth Moulton could face consequences.

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Markey’s biggest liability: He is a white male incumbent who’s been in Congress since 1976.

// Court orders Essex County to provide methadone to inmate

The ruling applies to only one man and one facility. But the decision could resonate nationwide because most prisons and jails do not allow medications to treat addiction.

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Hospitals charging facility fees for off-site care is a common practice that is coming under growing criticism.

// Newton teachers, students defend history curriculum

Hundreds of teachers came out to support the Newton school administration during a hearing prompted by a group that complains students are being taught anti-Semitic material.