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The Widener Library at Harvard University in Cambridge.


Sororities, fraternities sue Harvard over social club crackdown

Groups say Harvard’s crackdown on single-gender social clubs discriminates against women and discourages students from exercising their rights of free association.

// Cambridge biotech’s cancer test turns out to be a ‘lifesaver’

John White, a retired North Attleborough bioengineer, was diagnosed in early 2015 with aggressive prostate cancer.

// Baker calls for Newton judge to be pulled from bench amid probe

The Globe reported a federal grand jury is looking into whether Judge Shelley Joseph and other court personnel helped an undocumented immigrant evade immigration officials.

// With more plumbers, could Lawrence have seen faster gas service?

A revised plan deploying hundreds more plumbers turned out to be highly effective. So some ask: Why wasn’t Plan B Plan A?

// A year after Baker’s push for more housing, it’s still in limbo

The slow pace highlights how hard it is for the state to make even limited changes to housing policies fiercely protected by cities and towns.