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Prosecutors say Trump directed illegal payments to women

Federal prosecutors said Trump directed the payments to ward off a potential sex scandal that threatened his 2016 campaign.

Dorchester loses two discount department stores, leaving a gaping hole behind

National Wholesale Liquidators, a discount department store in Dorchester, is closed.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

The rapid succession of discount store closures has many residents concerned about what stores might come to fill in those gaps, and whether they’ll continue to offer affordable options for the working-class and low-income families who live nearby.

Automated garages, which can tightly stack cars, are coming to two Boston developments.

Stack my car, please, my good robot

Two new Boston complexes aim to maximize space in parking garages through automation.

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Charges against Boston officer disappear after private court hearing

Boston Police Department

These cases are another example of the unusually secretive process that Mass. uses to consider requests for criminal charges issued in district and municipal courts.

Nestor Ramos

On the Orange Line tracks, three discarded items and the stories they tell

Was this an accumulation of a few days’ trash, scattered by the passing trains? Or, worse, the leavings of a single sad life?