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As shutdown continues, sides look for a way forward

The Senate adjourned after going into session Saturday as President Trump talked with GOP lawmakers, and Democrats and White House negotiators met. But the president tweeted that it may be “a long stay.”

Arielle McCain worked off an Amazon app, picking up packages in Everett and then delivering them in Cambridge.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

In a race against the clock — and gas gauge — Amazon driver brings you your packages

Arielle McCain is one of about 8,000 Flex drivers in Mass. They’ve collectively driven more than 9 million miles for the company since December 2016.

President Trump last month.

Chaos before Christmas for Trump

President Trump’s sophomore year is coming to a close with a news cycle that has been bruising and dramatic even by the standards of his freewheeling presidency.

State panel: Penalize drivers for pot like alcohol

Drivers who refuse a drug test after being pulled over would face the same penalty drivers get when they refuse a breathalyzer test: a six-month license suspension.

Some lucky Green Line passengers Friday were the first to ride on a new MBTA subway car in nearly a decade.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

At last, Green Line has a brand-new car

MBTA passengers on Friday had the chance to ride the first new MBTA subway car in nearly a decade. More new cars are expected on the Green Line over the coming months.