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‘God bless all of you on the good Earth’: Remembering the daring Apollo 8 mission

As he saw the dramatic view from the moon, Astronaut Bill Anders scrambled to get color film, then took the famous shot.

Fifty years ago this week, a tiny contrivance of humankind left the surly bonds of earth and permitting earthlings for the first time to transit the dark side of the moon.

// For elite US troops, a never-ending war

Members of Special Operations Forces carry the burden of global conflicts, but multiple deployments tear at health and family.

“The Rape of Europa” was cleaned in the conservation lab.
On the left side, the varnish-free surface revealed vibrant color. Below, art historian Bonnie Pitman paused at the frame left empty when “Europa” was moved to the conservation lab.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Gardner Museum masterpiece gets restored — and gets big travel plans

Titian’s “The Rape of Europa” is undergoing a dramatic restoration before leaving for a global exhibition, one that could ultimately reframe the public view of the museum.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may find themselves fighting for the same backers.

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders might find life in the left lane a bit crowded

As Warren gets closer to taking her first big public step toward launching her presidential campaign, she contemplates a snowy-haired iceberg in her path.