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Deerfield Academy has about 650 students in grades 9 through 12 and a $590 million endowment.

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‘Better dead than coed’: Deerfield Academy confronts its male-only past

One of the nation’s oldest and most elite boarding schools remains a place where female students have a sense that this is not their Deerfield.

Governor Chris Sununu staunchly opposes marijuana legalization, declaring it “the next major battle.”

‘Live free or die, but don’t touch that plant’: A clash over marijuana in New Hampshire

With marijuana legalization sweeping through New England, cannabis consumers in the “Live Free or Die” state are now surrounded by places where residents are, at least in one sense, more free.

State officials say 911 issues in Mass. ‘have been corrected’

Access to 911 services was disrupted Friday for callers in multiple states — including Massachusetts. Officials thought they had the problem solved earlier in the day, but sporadic outages continued.

Baker signs long-awaited Airbnb bill, opening new era for industry

The new rules will take effect July 1 and could transform a market that spans the state.

Erich Stelzer

Woman survives knife attack by date, who dies after police use Taser

After meeting a woman through the Tinder dating app, Erich Stelzer was allegedly stabbing the 24-year-old when police intervened.