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Elizabeth Warren launches exploratory committee, a major step in a possible 2020 run

Senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband, Bruce, and dog, Bailey, greeted the media outside her home.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Elizabeth Warren formally announced that she is exploring a run for the presidency in 2020, as expected.

// Warren sticks to her talking points as she steps forward

Elizabeth Warren met with reporters outside her Cambridge home after announcing that she had taken the expected step of forming an exploratory committee.

Among the changes coming to Massachusetts in 2019 is a newly enshrined summer tax holiday.

John Blanding/Globe Staff/File 2015

How the state’s new laws in 2019 will affect you (and your wallet)

A cascade of changes awaits the average Massachusetts taxpayer in 2019, thanks to a mixture of a tax cut, a tax hike, new fees, and a slowly rising minimum wage.

Jesse Carrillo leaves the Hampshire County Superior Courthouse following his arraignment on charges of involuntary manslaughter in the death of UMass Amherst student Eric Sinacori. Mr. Carillo was released on $25,000 cash by Barry Goldstein.

Barry Goldstein for the Boston Globe

Should drug users be treated like dealers? A fatal overdose raises that question

Jesse Carrillo’s lawyer argues that his client — an addict — should not be treated the same as drug dealers selling heroin for profit.