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Mike Webster, brewer at Tree House Brewing company, adds salt to a mash in one of the mash tuns at the brewery in Charlton, Massachusetts on January 4, 2019. The brewery is trying to mitigate contaminates that have been found in it's wastewater after testing by the town of Charlton. Matthew Healey for The Boston Globe

Matthew Healey for The Boston Globe

Can this startup make Tree House beer a little greener?

Tree House is trying a novel approach to treating its waste water that could help solve its sewage issues and reduce its carbon footprint.

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// A brief frolic outside may cost a woman her cat

In June, Pamela Howard adopted Muse, a blue-eyed, gray-striped, half-Siamese cat who had suffered terrible burns in a previous owner’s neglectful care.

// Althea Garrison finally takes her seat on the Boston City Council

A political lightning bolt has vaulted the 78-year-old Trump supporter back into the halls of power, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Trump digs in as some Republicans grow weary of shutdown

A handful of key Senate Republicans are beginning to call for an end to the government shutdown, as the president’s quest for a wall begins to look politically untenable.

Gov Charlie Baker spoke at his Inaugural with Karen Spilka Mass State Senator President on the left and Robert DeLeo Speaker of the House.

Beacon Hill looks to tackle school funding formula in new session

Governor Charlie Baker is on board, and so are Senate and House leaders. Is this the year that the state’s education funding formula gets an overhaul?

Boston, MA - 1/9/19 Former Insys CEO Michael Babich walks away from the federal court after a hearing. Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff Topic: 10Babich

Former Insys CEO pleads guilty to bribery scheme

Michael Babich’s chief sales executive hired attractive, but inexperienced sales representatives to sway doctors into prescribing Insys’s highly addictive fentanyl spray, even to those who did not need it.