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Companies are plastering the Boston accent all over ads, and some locals have had enough

On billboards and subway placards across the city, brands peddling everything from bourbon to cold medicine are dropping their r’s in the name of sales — and drawing the ire of locals.

Peabody, MA - 01/015/19 - Dr. Alain Chaoui (cq) co-authored a new report on physician burnout. (Lane Turner/Globe Staff) Reporter: (Priyanka McCluskey) Topic: (17burnout)

Physician burnout now essentially a public health crisis

A new report portrays a profession struggling with the unyielding demands of electronic health record systems and ever-growing regulatory burdens.


// Purdue cemented ties with universities and hospitals to expand opioid sales, documents contend

Purdue Pharma saw relationships with Mass. General and other hospitals as a way to gain sway at the most influential academic medical centers in the country and boost its revenues, according to a court document.

Top state representative grabbed incoming lawmaker’s backside, colleagues say

The speaker’s office says it’s probing claims of “inappropriate conduct.”

// Four Americans killed in Syria blast weeks after withdrawal announcement

The situation calls into question President Trump’s claim that ISIS has been defeated in Syria — his stated reason for pulling 2,000 American troops out of the country.

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// They were the top of their class at Boston public schools. Then life happened

This morning, the Globe will release a multi-part investigation into how and why the lives of promising Boston valedictorians didn’t quite turn out the way they expected.