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Trump will give State of the Union ‘when the shutdown is over’

After a standoff with Nancy Pelosi, President Trump said in a tweet he is postponing his State of the Union address until the partial government shutdown ends.

Victor Pena was arraigned on kidnapping charges at the Charlestown Division of the Boston Municipal Court on Wednesday.

Here’s how investigators tracked down the Charlestown abduction suspect, and rescued Olivia Ambrose

Victor Pena, accused of kidnapping Olivia Ambrose, sobbed and appeared to be talking to himself during a court appearance.

Boston Police released this photo of person of interest in relation to missing person Olivia Ambrose. Person now identified as Victor Pena and Olivia has been found in his apartment in Bunker Hill Housing Development on 1/22/19. photo: BPD

Modern technology was instrumental in rescue of Olivia Ambrose

Camera footage, and a signal from Olivia Ambrose’s iPhone, were key in helping police find the young kidnapped woman alive, but these advances are not without privacy concerns.

Governor Baker proposes seven-year overhaul of school funding formula

Baker, a Republican who campaigned on not raising taxes, also tucked a series of new levy proposals into his budget plan.

01/23/2019 Falmouth MA - A wind turbine looms over the Craggy Ridge neighborhood in West Falmouth. Opponents of the town of Falmouth's wind turbines,have complained, that they are eyesores, and even cause neighbors physical harm. .Jonathan Wiggs/Globe StaffReporter:Topic:

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

‘Green energy blues’ in a town that sought to do something about climate change

Facing neighborhood opposition and multiple lawsuits, selectmen voted to remove the twin wind turbines, which cost about $10 million to build, and saddled residents with years of debt.