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Woodstock, VT. 01/16/19- A large pickup truck exits the Taftsville Covered Bridge in Woodstock. Carbon emissions have risen 16 percent above the 1990 levels in Vermont, some of the reasons are aging gas-guzzling pickups, wood-buriing stoves and drafty old homes. Photo by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff(metro)

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

In Vermont, a progressive haven, emissions spike forces officials to consider drastic action

Despite its green reputation, and impressive goals to lower carbon pollution in the state, Vermont has seen a 16 percent increase in greenhouse gas levels since 1990.

still frame grab from video - Richard Kamrowski of Framingham, clinging onto another driver’s hood after the car was stopped, on the Mass. Pike on Friday January 25, 2019. credit: Mrs. Schur

Wild ride on Pike — with one man on the hood — leads to court for two drivers

Mark Fitzgerald, who authorities say drove nearly three miles on the Massachusetts Turnpike Friday as an older man desperately clung to his hood, appeared to face charges on Monday.

// Drug costs plague seniors, but legislative relief may be elusive

In the face of industry opposition and divided government, older Americans may have to wait till after the next election for relief.

MBTA says it needs to raise fares by 6.3 percent this summer

If approved by officials, subway rides would cost an additional 15 cents, bus rides would go up by a dime, and a monthly pass would go up $5.50 to $90, all in July.

Christina Fagan, the entrepreneur behind

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Instagram made this Boston woman into a million-dollar brand

During a snowstorm, Christina Fagan — who owns the cheekily named brand Sh*t That I Knit — was curled up in her Beacon Hill apartment when she saw an opportunity.