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Spoiled Patriots: In success-soaked Boston, has all the winning dimmed the excitement?

You could be forgiven for wondering, in the lead-up to the Patriots’ ninth Super Bowl appearance in 18 years, whether the thrill has finally begun to wear off.

Ruby Maddox, who works at Mount Holyoke College, uses Focusmate, a service that matches strangers online for

Procrastinating? A stranger watching you might help

Some people rely on virtual coworkers, real people they’ve never met connected online via video, to get work done. Devotees swear by it.

Middlebury College Campus, Middlebury VT (Corey Hendrickson for the Boston Globe).

Higher education struggles are hitting Vermont hard

Higher education is the third-largest industry in Vermont, yet the state faces a particularly acute version of the challenges that threaten the industry nationwide: decreasing enrollment.

Trump disputes ‘naive’ intelligence chiefs, suggests they ‘go back to school’

President Trump lashed out at his intelligence chiefs Wednesday after they told Congress that North Korea is unlikely to dismantle its nuclear arsenal and the Iran deal is working.

New Bedford 12/06/18- (left-right) Margarita Fuentes Herrera, Mirna Pacaja and Paula De Leon Carrillo, are three plaintiff's in a sexual harassment lawsuit against a Fall River seafood- processing plant. Boston Globe by Debee Tlumacki (metro)

Settlement reached in sexual harassment case against Fall River seafood plant

Over five years after the alleged workplace misconduct began, the women have agreed to a $675,000 settlement in a federal lawsuit against Atlantic Capes and BJ’s.