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Being a Patriots fan is hard on the body and mind (and there is actual science on this)

If only Hater Nation knew the stresses of rooting for one of football’s most dominant teams.

// Rest assured, sleep will be hard to come by for Patriots players on Super Bowl Eve

Most teams encourage players to follow nutrition plans and good habits, but how can players possibly sleep well the night before a big game?

Limiting opioid prescriptions will do little to reduce overdose deaths, study says

Mathematical models cast doubt on whether restricting painkiller prescriptions remains the answer to an epidemic now dominated by heroin and illicit fentanyl.

// Elizabeth Warren apologizes in private to Cherokee Nation officials

The US senator apologized for how her DNA test caused “confusion” about the tribe’s right to determine its membership, a spokeswoman said.

// Question for Democrats: Are some candidates too old?

A growing movement of older Americans bristles at the notion that gray hair is a deficit.