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Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are in their ninth Super Bowl together — no other player or coach has six.

David J. Phillip/Associated Press/File 2018


Patriots’ success redefines what constitutes a dynasty

Bill Belichick’s players have left former rivals in awe of their dominance.


// Super Bowl week has been all about the Patriots

It’s like when the Harlem Globetrotters come to town. Nobody cares who they’ll be playing. Such is the plight of the largely ignored Rams.

Why most Mass. marijuana sales are on the black market, two years after legalization

The illegal pot market in Massachusetts remains stubbornly robust: Some 75 percent of the marijuana sold in the state this year will be under the table.

// Democratic primary watchers look to the West

With its large and strong labor unions and diverse population, Nevada will be an early indication of a candidate’s ability to draw support from core Democratic voting groups.

// A minor sideswipe, a harrowing ride: Inside that viral road-rage incident

The story of a man hanging off a car flying down the Mass. Pike had everything: road rage, mortal danger, impossible survival, a good guy with a gun.