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Cynthia cleaned her children’s room before a visit from a Department of Children and Families worker at her home.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

The call from DCF: ‘We have your children’

A mother struggles with the loss of her children in the wake of a state judge’s decision to terminate her rights to them for good.

// Why are so many Boston restaurants closing?

It’s the rents. It’s the labor costs. It’s changing tastes. It’s the Trump factor. In short: It’s the perfect storm, and something needs to change.

Elizabeth Warren makes presidential campaign official

Speaking in Lawrence, Warren began her campaign by recognizing the women who had gone on strike there more than a century ago, connecting themes of labor rights, immigration, and gender to her own campaign.

At the AMC Boston Common 19, VIP customers get access to a separate, ostensibly shorter, line for concessions.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Priority line madness: Now even Santa’s lap has a FastPass

Wherever you look nowadays there are two lines: a priority line for insiders, and another line for everyone else.