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Jassy Correia’s father, Joaquin, mourned on Friday.

Susan Kreiter/Globe Staff

Woman killed after she went missing remembered as a wise friend, good mother

On Friday, the day after her body was found in a man’s car trunk, authorities disclosed that Jassy Correia had been mutilated after leaving a Boston nightclub early Sunday morning.

// 2 abductions leave women worried — and furious

Within two months, two 23-year-old women vanished after Saturday nights out at Boston bars. Jassy Correia is dead. Tips led to the other woman being rescued from a Charlestown apartment.

Your MBTA bus ride may get a lot faster, but be prepared for fare inspections

Activists and the MBTA are haggling over how to design an equitable but effective system as they prepare for the benefits of a new fare collection setup.


// How to make it through the rest of cold and flu season without getting sick

Living with, commuting with, and working near sick people can seem unavoidable in mid-winter, but there are many relatively simple things you can do to reduce your risk of falling ill.

// Medford musician fights eviction from home of 70 years

A series of stumbles left Joe Lentino at the mercy of a reverse mortgage company, embroiling him in a legal nightmare and putting his home in jeopardy.

The Nation

House investigators urge ‘immediate’ compliance from White House on security clearance documents

Representative Elijah E. Cummings urged ‘‘full and immediate compliance.’’

By Rachael Bade, John Wagner and Shane Harris

House investigators urge ‘immediate’ compliance from White House on security clearance documents

Washington’s governor joins 2020 Democratic presidential field

Washington Governor Jay Inslee said Friday that he would enter the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

By David Weigel, Chelsea Janes and John Wagner

Jay Inslee said that he is the only candidate who will make combating climate change the nation’s top priority.

Parents blame North Korea’s ‘evil regime’ for son’s death

Fred and Cindy Warmbier watched as their son Otto's casket was placed in a hearse after his funeral Wyoming, Ohio, June 22, 2017.

By David Nakamura

Unlike President Donald Trump, Otto Warmbier’s parents don’t believe North Korea’s leader.

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Chaos erupts; 2 arrested during Texas execution

By Juan A. Lozano and Michael Graczyk

The World

US imposes sanctions on Venezuela officials to pressure Nicolas Maduro

Elliott Abrams, US special representative to Venezuela, addressed reporters Friday at the State Department.

By Matthew Lee

The Trump administration has placed sanctions on six integral members of the Venezuelan security forces and has begun revoking visas of other officials and their relatives.

Pakistan returns captured Indian pilot in ‘gesture of peace’

People waited in the streets near the India-Pakistan border in Wagah on March 1, 2019, for the return of an Indian Air Force pilot by Pakistani officials.

By Ashok Sharma and Zaheer Babar

To defuse the rising tensions between Pakistan and India, Pakistani officials freed a recently captured Indian air force pilot, but Indian officials say the country will still defend itself if threatened.

Potential for indictment leaves Israelis wondering if this is the beginning of the end for Netanyahu

By Ruth Eglash and Loveday Morris

Potential for indictment leaves Israelis wondering if this is the beginning of the end for Netanyahu

Editorial & Opinion


Can Senate follow House’s lead on gun control bills?

What will it take for the GOP-led Senate to realize that public opinion has shifted overwhelmingly in favor of stricter gun laws?


Jumping through hoops to cast a vote

Jeff Jacoby argues that voter ID laws aren’t worth fighting over. Readers are not ready to let their guard down.


2 abductions leave women worried — and furious

Some women have pledged a “girl code” that includes never leaving a bar without their friends.

By Stephanie Ebbert

Within two months, two 23-year-old women vanished after Saturday nights out at Boston bars. Jassy Correia is dead. Tips led to the other woman being rescued from a Charlestown apartment.

Nestor Ramos

A picture of Jassy Correia, unfrozen in time

A Globe photographer captured this touching image of Jassy Correia playing with her daughter in June 2018.

By Nestor Ramos

It’s a stunning image. But the picture of Correia and her daughter doesn’t look the same anymore.

Man accused of abducting 23-year-old in January now charged with rape

Victor Pena was ordered to remain in custody without bail Friday after he was charged with three counts of aggravated rape.

By Brian MacQuarrie

Victor Pena is accused of abducting the woman in downtown Boston and holding her captive for three days in his Charlestown apartment.

Business & Tech

Brash salesman who watched ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ for sales tips testifies against executives

Insys Therapeutics founder John N. Kapoor (center) is on trial in federal court in Boston.

By Maria Cramer

Alec Burlakoff took the stand Friday in the landmark federal racketeering trial against his former Insys Therapeutics colleagues.


Go to Harvard. Make a big fortune on Wall Street. Donate a small fortune to Harvard.

Stacey and David Goel, seen here at Harvard University’s Widener Library.

By Larry Edelman

Harvard’s latest big haul — $100 million from David and Stacey Goel — is just the latest mega-donation from Wall Street.

Chesto Means Business

Political savvy could be key for Massport CEO job

Massport’s police force is one small portion of the agency’s operations.

By Jon Chesto

It may be the most talked about job in Boston’s circles of power these days — and for good reason.

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What stores will be left at the mall?

By Sydney Maki and Carmen Reinicke

Before Lyft’s IPO, a chance for investors to kick the tires

By Kate Conger and Michael J. de la Merced


Philip Corfman, an advocate for women’s reproductive health, dies at 92

By Emily Langer

Ms. Magazine once named Dr. Corfman a ‘‘hero’’ for his efforts on behalf of women’s health.

Charles McCarry, CIA officer who became a preeminent spy novelist, dies at 88

By Matt Schudel

Mr. McCarry, originally from Pittsfield, wrote novels about spycraft and politics that were deeply admired if not always well known.

Katherine Helmond, ‘Who’s the Boss?’ and ‘Soap’ actress, dies at 89

Ms. Helmond kept working into her 80s, doing mostly voice work, most notably in the Pixar ‘‘Cars’’ films.

By Andrew Dalton

The Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress played two very different matriarchs on the ABC sitcoms.


Celtics 107, Wizards 96

Celtics stop Wizards, losing streak

Marcus Smart, right, moves with the ball during the Celtics’ win over the Washington Wizards on Friday.

By Adam Himmelsbach

Wizards finally fall, thanks to turnovers, teamwork, and fourth-quarter burst

Major League Soccer

Can some key newcomers lead the Revolution back to the MLS playoffs?

Foxboro 02/26/19- The New England Revolution held practice inside the Empower field house at Gillette Stadium. Carles Gil passes the ball. Photo by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff(sports)

By Frank Dell’Apa

It’s been three years since New England has seen the postseason, and coach Brad Friedel thinks an influx of foreign talent will change that.

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Adam Silver says NBA is a melancholy place

NBA commissioner Adam Silver, seen here last month, spoke at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on Friday.

By Nicole Yang

Camaraderie of past years is missing in the era of headphones and social media.

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It’s time for Celtics to do what’s best

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Aron Baynes could return to action Sunday

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Alonzo Linton gets top seed Lynn English past game Lawrence

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Adriana Timberlake comes through for Braintree

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Shay Bollin pushes B-R past King Philip

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Joe Bova, Boston Latin boys’ hockey ice Stoneham

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Pope John takes control in D4 North win over Mystic Valley

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women’s hockey east quarterfinals

Northeastern overpowers Vermont


Andy Isabella aims to keep impressing at NFL Combine

By Nora Princiotti


Friday’s spring training report: Bryce Brentz stays hot in loss

By Peter Abraham

Stan Grossfeld | Postcard from Spring Training

Red Sox try to keep autograph seekers happy

By Stan Grossfeld

Good Life

Stage Review

Friendship takes flight in superb ‘Birdy’

Keith White and Will Taylor in “Birdy.”

By Don Aucoin

A stage adaptation of William Wharton’s novel is brought stirringly to life in this Commonwealth Shakespeare production.

Reading children’s books out loud awakened the child in me

By Judith Hannan

Google the value of reading children’s books aloud and the answers are all about the kids. But what about the reader?

my instagram

Holly Lombardo

By Lillian Brown

“I’ve always joked that my tagline is, I’ve been a painter my whole life -- I just didn’t know it.”

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love letters

I don’t wish him the best

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TV Critic’s Corner

Season 4 of ‘Billions’ sounds crazy and juicy

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Angling for color

By Marni Elyse Katz