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Boston Globe Today | November 13, 2023

Monday, November 13th • Full Episode

Legal activists are challenging the boost to Black-led businesses after The Supreme Court ended affirmative action. Reporter Hiawatha Bray explains. Reporter Diti Kohli talks with Boston Globe Today's Segun Oduolowu about the inspiration behind the 'BoZton' multi-part video series on challenges facing Gen Z residents of Boston. Development and body changes are tough for everyone. Correspondent and ‘Parenting Unfiltered’ columnist Kara Baskin shares tips for talking to tweens. They sing together solely for the joy of making music – no experience required. We go sit in on a ‘Rock Voices’ rehearsal in Brookline. Joan Vennochi, Globe Opinion associate editor and columnist, says the idea that this losing season is all about a 71-year-old coach seems unfair.