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Danish union to take action against Tesla in solidarity with Swedes demanding collective bargaining

Tesla is non-unionized globally, but the Swedish workers are demanding that the carmaker sign a collective bargaining agreement, which most employees in Sweden have.

Ukrainian officials say Russian shelling has hit a southern city, killing 2 people in the street

Local officials say Russian artillery fire has struck the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, killing at least two people in the street as the 21-month war drags into another winter.

Students around the world suffered huge learning setbacks during the pandemic, study finds

A new study finds that students around the world suffered historic setbacks in reading during the pandemic and even deeper losses in math, with test score decreases so wide that the United States climbed in global rankings simply by falling behind less sharply.

Heavy rains leave at least 8 people dead as Michaung makes landfall on India’s southeastern coast

A powerful storm began making landfall along India’s southeastern coastline on Tuesday, unleashing torrential rains and strong winds that killed at least eight people, officials said.

Two boats adrift in the Andaman Sea with 400 Rohingya aboard desperately need rescue, UN says

Aid groups and the United Nations say an estimated 400 Rohingya Muslims believed to be aboard two boats adrift in the Andaman Sea could die if more is not done to rescue them.

British research ship crosses paths with world’s largest iceberg as it drifts out of Antarctica

Britain’s polar research ship has crossed paths with the largest iceberg in the world.

UN agency cites worrying warming trend as COP28 summit grapples with curbing climate change

The U.N. weather agency is reporting that glaciers shrank more than ever from 2011 and 2020 and the Antarctic ice sheet lost 75 percent more compared to the previous ten years, as it released its latest stark report about the fallout on the planet from climate change.

‘We are officially hostages.’ How the Israeli kibbutz of Nir Oz embodied Hamas hostage strategy

The recent release of dozens of Israeli hostages is bringing new focus on Hamas rampage through the kibbutz of Nir Oz. In Nir Oz, Palestinian fighters roamed unopposed for hours.