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Japan’s secret to taming the coronavirus: peer pressure

Although no government authority has ever mandated masks or vaccinations or instituted lockdowns or mass surveillance, Japan’s residents have largely evaded the worst ravages of the virus. Instead, in many ways, Japan let peer pressure do a lot of the work.

Ill-prepared for combat, volunteers die in battles far from home

The deaths of volunteers have driven home the extent to which the war is reaching into every community across the country and underscored the risks faced by volunteers, with limited training.

Ship sinks in storm off Hong Kong, dozens of crew in danger

Authorities dispatched planes and helicopters to aid in the rescue, with at least three people from the crew of 30 brought to safety as of 5:30 p.m. Saturday

Russians press assault on eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychansk

Ukrainian fighters have spent weeks trying to defend Lysychansk and to keep it from falling to Russia, as neighboring Sievierodonetsk did a week ago.

Russia’s messages with missiles tell West to back off

The brutality of Russian missile strikes on a mall in the central city of Kremenchuk and on residential buildings in the capital, Kyiv, unfolded in full view of the world and especially of Western leaders gathered for a trio of summits in Europe.

In a small village, prayers and hope for missing migrants

Clutching rosaries, residents of this mountain village stared at photographs of three of their own atop the altar at the local church, praying that teenagers Jair, Yovani and Misael were not among the 53 migrants who perished inside a stifling trailer in Texas.

International Criminal Court marks 20th anniversary

The court, long criticized for tackling only crimes in Africa and failed prosecutions of senior leaders in Kenya and Ivory Coast, now has investigations underway in 17 countries, from Afghanistan to Ukraine, although the majority of cases are in Africa.

UK government faces new boozy scandal as deputy whip quits

Chris Pincher, whose role was to maintain discipline among Tory members of Parliament, submitted a letter of resignation on Thursday.