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Germany arrests 25 suspected of planning to overthrow government

The plan was to storm the German Capitol, arrest lawmakers, and execute the chancellor. A prince descended from German nobility would take over as the new head of state, and a former far-right member of parliament would be put in charge of a national purge.

Putin says Ukraine fight is taking longer than expected

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged Wednesday that his “special military operation” in Ukraine is taking longer than expected but said that it has succeeded in seizing new territory and that his country’s nuclear weapons are deterring escalation of the conflict.

Global partners may end broad COVID vaccination effort in developing countries

The organization that has led the global effort to bring COVID vaccines to poor and middle-income countries will decide this week whether to shut down that project, ending a historic attempt to achieve global health equity with a tacit acknowledgment that the effort fell far short of its goal.

Peru’s president dissolves Congress, which then replaces him with vice president

The president of Peru was ousted by Congress Wednesday after he sought to dissolve the legislative body and take unilateral control of the government, triggering a grave constitutional crisis.

China eases ‘zero-COVID’ restrictions in victory for protesters

The move could very well assuage protesters. But the party is expected to confront a surge of infections as lockdowns lift, schools reopen, and people try to resume normal life. The government must now place much greater urgency on vaccinations, which had been neglected in recent months, experts say.

Volodymyr Zelensky and ‘spirit of Ukraine’ named Time person of year

Time Magazine on Wednesday named Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky its person of the year, awarding him the accolade “for proving that courage can be as contagious as fear.”

Suicide bomber hits Indonesian police station, killing 1

A Muslim militant and convicted bomb-maker who was released from prison last year blew himself up Wednesday at a police station on Indonesia’s main island of Java, killing an officer and wounding 11 people, officials said.

China eases anti-COVID measures following protests

China has enforced some of the world’s strictest curbs, disrupting global manufacturing and trade and the lives of ordinary Chinese, while many nations switched to trying to live with the virus.