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Two 13-year-olds are arrested over Hong Kong protests

One of the minors, a girl, was arrested on charges of burning a Chinese national flag. She was held overnight in police detention.

Egypt protests came as a total shock. The man behind them is just as surprising.

The videos of a potty-mouthed millionaire, who cheerfully insults the president, spurred protests across Egypt. His influence came out of the blue; no one knows how far it can go or long it can last.

Albania quake has 340 aftershocks, people afraid to go home

Fear and safety hazards kept many residents of Albania’s capital of Tirana and the port city of Durres out of their homes Sunday after an earthquake the day before injured 105 people and damaged hundreds of buildings.

WHO accuses Tanzania of withholding information about suspected Ebola cases

The World Health Organization accused Tanzanian authorities of withholding information about multiple suspected Ebola cases in that country over the course of this month, potentially hampering the containment of the deadly virus.

Sudan’s new prime minister launches probe into protesters’ deaths

Sudan’s newly appointed prime minister launched an independent investigation into a deadly crackdown on protesters in June, which killed dozens of people and threatened to crush the country’s pro-democracy uprising.

Israeli president begins talks to form new government

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin began two days of crucial talks Sunday with party leaders before selecting his candidate for prime minister, after a deadlocked repeat election was set to make forming any new government a daunting task.

Finding safe shores was only half the struggle

A few thousand of Rohingya refugees have been admitted to the United States — part of a dwindling number of refugees granted resettlement under a program that President Trump has been scaling back and is expected to slash again this week.

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Greek authorities say they’ve made arrest in 1985 TWA hijacking

A 65-year-old suspect was arrested Thursday on Mykonos in response to a warrant from Germany, officials said.