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Turkey trials seen in new light after Erdogan’s Istanbul defeat

Three potentially significant trials are scheduled for this week, and they are expected to be closely watched by foreign governments troubled by Erdogan’s efforts to crack down on huge swaths of the opposition.

Trump threatens Iran with ‘obliteration’ after country criticizes new sanctions

President Trump responded to criticism by tweeting that “any attack by Iran on anything American will be met with great and overwhelming force.”

US will present Palestinian economic plan amid global criticism

The administration acknowledges that its ambitious economic proposals that will be presented on Tuesday are contingent on acceptance of a political plan, which will not come out until the fall.

Iranians facing economic strain blame US sanctions and their government

From a subway performer’s battered leather hat devoid of tips, to a bride-to-be’s empty purse, the lack of cash from the economic pressure facing Iran’s 80 million people can be seen everywhere.

Intense heat wave to strike Paris, shimmer across Europe

The sunset had an orange glow, and so does the new heat alert level for Paris.

Trump imposes new economic sanctions on Iran, adding to tensions

The president has said he hopes to drive Tehran into negotiations on a deal to place additional limits on its nuclear activity and curb its aggression.

Death toll in Indian encephalitis outbreak rises to 152

India’s Supreme Court on Monday directed state and national authorities to file reports to the court on an encephalitis outbreak in the eastern state of Bihar this month in which 152 children have died.

At least 5 dead in Bangladesh after train veers off bridge

At least five people were killed and dozens injured late Sunday night when part of a train heading for Bangladesh’s capital careened off a railway bridge that failed, officials said.