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STRFKR, ‘Miracle Mile’

It’s a rare feat when an album can maintain a unique and consistent overarching atmosphere without stinting on the tunes. You could swim languorously through the stylized dreamy-synth whole of the third LP from this Portland, Ore., indie pop outfit, but songs like “Atlantis,” a funky groove of airy synths and romantic R&B-style vocals, assert themselves. “Nite Rite” is a seven minute-plus track that drones with psychedelia, but pushes forward on a tight knot of bass and pleasantly perplexes with its Stone Roses-quoting melody. This isn’t a dance record per se, but it’s danceable in chunks, as on “While I’m Alive,” a slowed-down could-be disco track broken into shards of drum breaks and whirring vocal manipulation. While STRFKR began as a solo project from Josh Hodges, this album was written collaboratively with the entire band’s input, so there’s a lot of ground covered on these 15 songs, and plenty of room to get lost. (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “While I’m Alive”

STRFKR performs at the Paradise Rock Club on March 16.