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Love Letters

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About Love Letters

Love Letters is a daily advice column, a narrative podcast, and a place where people gather to solve each other’s problems. Meredith Goldstein welcomes letters about every kind of love, whether you’re dating, dealing with in-laws, breaking up, or getting back together. Love letters hosts events for its readers several times a year.

Love letters: Season 6

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Are we more than friends?

“There has been nothing more than warm hugs each time we get together.”


He doesn’t want to move closer to my family

“I’m 24 years old with a 1-year-old baby boy — and expecting another baby in January.”


I called my new boyfriend while drunk and we broke up. Can I fix this?

I messed up big time and should’ve controlled myself; it’s not the kind of person I am sober.


I don’t know what the relationship lacks

Is it time to throw away a ‘safe’ relationship?


At 30, men fall into three categories

I have always kept a very open mind to dating around age, race/ethnicity, professional background, geographic distance, etc., but I sense that I might just be better off taking a break from dating for a few years and picking up again in my mid-30s.


Are we more than friends?

"I need help determining if he’s just a good person and wants to stay platonic or if his shyness is trying to tell me that he is interested in dating."


I inherited a house. My wife says she needs to be on the deed — or else.

I’ve never seen this side of her before. Things are tense.


The temporary distance is terrible

He calls me daily from jail, we write letters to each other, and I’m still as in love with him as in the beginning.