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    ALBUM REVIEW | gypsy punk

    Gogol Bordello, ‘Pura Vida Conspiracy’

    Gypsy punk mayhem-maker Gogol Bordello has built a following through indefatigable touring since 1999, when Ugene Hütz, a political refugee from the Ukraine, founded the group. Fans won’t find anything unexpected on “Pura Vida Conspiracy,” their sixth studio album. The fusion of Balkan/Gypsy music with loud punk and Latin balladry does not sound as fresh as it did on “Super Taranta!” (2007) or even on the Rick Rubin-produced “Trans-Continental Hustle” (2010). But it doesn’t sound tired either. In fact, Hütz has never sounded more awake than he does on the album’s first track, “We Rise Again,” a rousing, flamboyant anthem. The band still offers a sonic assault, with Pogues-like acoustic moments quickly giving way to Ramones-like power chord frenzies and chanted choruses. Drenched with joy in its own noisiness, the album is nonetheless easier listening than some of the group’s earlier work. (Out Tuesday)


    Essential “My Gypsy Auto Pilot”


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