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Looks like ‘Seinfeld’ cast is up to something

Looks like the “Seinfeld” cast has gotten together to do something — not a big thing — but something that amounts to a reunion . . . of sorts. And we may know by the time the Super Bowl ends Sunday night. Jerry Seinfeld planted a few tantalizing hints this week, when responding to questions about recently being seen filming a scene (or something) with Jason Alexander (that’s George, as if anyone has forgotten) at the New York diner Tom’s Restaurant, now famed as the Seinfeld characters’ favorite meeting place. What Seinfeld said on WFAN radio was that the cast had indeed gotten together to film a one-off scene of some kind, something short in duration but longer than 60 seconds. (That seemed to scotch the idea that the scene would be part of a Super Bowl commercial.) And that the result would be seen “very soon.” On Friday, Seinfeld’s publicist, Tom Keaney, confirmed only the details that Seinfeld himself had leaked, noting that the scene is not a commercial, but adding that “the cat will be out of the bag very soon.” (New York Times)

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