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    Italy CEO’s plane found in Venezuela

    CARACAS — The wreckage of a plane that disappeared with the CEO of Italy’s iconic Missoni fashion house and five other people on board has been found in waters off Venezuela, government officials said Thursday.

    Venezuelan Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz said the aircraft, which went missing earlier this year, was discovered near Los Roques archipelago, about 120 miles north of Caracas. The plane was carrying Vittorio Missoni, 58; his longtime companion, Maurizia Castiglioni; two of their Italian friends; and two Venezuelan crew members when it disappeared in the area Jan. 4.

    Italy’s Foreign Ministry said the aircraft was found at a depth of 230 feet and had broken into pieces, but that there was certainty it was the Missoni plane because the tail number was legible.


    Missoni’s family issued a statement thanking both governments for their support and adding that the plane was identified on the fifth day of a search thanks to a US ship’s oceanographic technology.