An imam of fiery words and a fatherly presence

Imam Abdullah Faaruuq (center with head covering) prayed before the start of his mosque’s monthly food distribution effort.

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

Abdullah Faaruuq is an unapologetic throwback: a man who distrusts the establishment, and bluntly says so.

Avalena Conway-Coxon died suddenly in foster care in Auburn on a hot Saturday in August.

An Auburn child lost amidst chaos and addiction

Enter Avalena Conway-Coxon’s world, where only in death did the toddler get the full loving focus she deserved.

// Business schools are facing a tough case to crack

Business schools across the country are vexed by low numbers of black students, but perhaps nowhere as much as Greater Boston.

John Moore, 54, with his wife, Cathy, in their home in Apple Valley, Utah. Moore is battling stage IV metastatic melanoma; a precision treatment helped him, but only for a year.

Ronda Churchill for The Boston Globe


Precision medicine offers hope but remains inexact

Customized treatments based on a patient’s genetic profile are a focus in cancer care, although the approach is not always effective.

Restaurant employee who was stabbed to death is identified

Authorities said the P.F. Chang’s employee who was stabbed in the Peabody restaurant’s kitchen was a 38-year-old Salem man.

Serena Williams is three-quarters of the way to the fourth Grand Slam in women’s tennis.

dominique faget/getty images

Ranking Serena Williams in the Grand scheme

As Williams chases the fourth Grand Slam in women’s tennis history, it’s time to ask: where does she rank all-time?

Donald Trump with his father, Fred Trump, after graduating from Wharton in 1968.

‘I’m going to be the king of New York real estate’

Trump stood out early at college: as a bonfire of vanity, talent, and natural swagger, a millionaire, a student not quite as great as he recalls.


For parents, always more to worry about

When you were a kid, you probably spent hours outside and unsupervised. It’s not that way anymore.

Last year on WEEI, Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said transparency is needed in any business, and yet it took a while for him to say anything about the unpopular decision to let go play-by-play announcer Don Orsillo.


Tom Werner breaks his silence on Don Orsillo

The NESN boss told the Boston Herald that the Sox want to go with Dave O’Brien instead of Don Orsillo in the booth next year.

WESTWOOD,MA - LOCATION - Row boats and kyacks at shore of Noanet Pond at Hale Reservation. This is for the Location, Location, Location - WESTWOOD (globe staff photo :Joanne Rathe section: ADDRESS real estate location reporter: topic: 083015location)

location, location, location

What is it like to live in Westwood?

The town’s proximity to major highways, coupled with its small-town feel, is a plus.

Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks died Sunday in New York at 82.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

‘Awakenings’ author, neurologist Oliver Sacks dies at 82

Sacks, who had announced he had terminal cancer, died in New York at 82.


Something worse than the IRS awaits greedy televangelists

Comedian John Oliver has been calling attention to such swindlers and is rightly appalled.


Coffee or wine: which is better for you?

A face-off for elixir-of-life bragging rights.

Monika Sosnowska’s “Tower.”

Art Review

New deCordova show emphasizes outdoor space

The show explores the relationship between sculpture and architecture, and presents a more focused way to experience the park.

The Big Picture

AFP/Getty Images

10 years after Hurricane Katrina

President Obama visited New Orleans to mark progress the city has made before the anniversary of the hurricane.


Innovation Economy

// Is the tech party coming to an end?

Investors have had a rollicking time putting money into tech and biotech startups. Are they getting ready to split?



// In Nigeria, a chance for fellowship

The fellowship of suffering in the New Kuchingoro camp illustrates one of the least appreciated aspects of the Boko Haram story.