The boy who burned inside

There was no one to protect Marco Flores, and, just 9 when it started, he couldn’t protect himself. But then one day he realized that others he loved were in danger, and that it was up to him to end it. By Maria Cramer

A Globe report last year found overcrowded apartments riddle the city’s college neighborhoods.


Boston has yet to punish anyone for overcrowded student apartments

The number of citations written to landlords violating the overcrowding ordinance is zero.

// Ex-convict arrested in killings of wealthy D.C. family, housekeeper

Authorities believe that more than one person was responsible for the murders and blaze.

05/19/15: Boston, MA: The Red Sox Hanley Ramirez fouls off a bottom of the first inning pitch and loses his helmet in the process. The Boston Red Sox hosted the Texas Rangers in a regular season MLB game at Fenway Park. (Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis) section: sports topic: Red Sox-Rangers (1)

Alex Speier

What’s behind Hanley Ramirez’s recent slump?

Since he returned from his shoulder injury, Ramirez been a distorted shadow of his early-season self.

Josh Duggar.

TLC pulls ‘19 Kids and Counting’ amid misconduct reports

TLC pulled the series from its schedule after reports of sexual misconduct allegations against Josh Duggar from when he was a juvenile.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Chris Christie delivers profanity-laced jokes at N.J. event

The Ney Jersey governor mocked reporters at an event known for its off-color skits and envelope-pushing humor.


Magazine | Perspective

What can’t grads afford because of student loans? Kids

Crushing debt is making a generation put off living their lives.

// Headmaster’s car covered with notes of appreciation

Boston Arts Academy headmaster Anne Clark’s black Honda CRV disappeared under a sea of neon sticky notes.


// What makes shows like ‘Mad Men’ so great?

What is the tie that binds “Mad Men,” “The Wire,” and others that puts them in a more rarefied group?

Hillary Clinton waved to the audience at Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton, N.H.

Clinton N.H. trip interrupted by Benghazi e-mail release

“I’m glad that the e-mails are starting to come out,” Clinton said. “It is something that I’ve asked to be done, as you know, for a long time.”

// Speaking in R.I., Yellen says rate hike likely this year

The Federal Reserve chair expects the central bank to raise interest rates as the economy continues to improve.

Traffic backs up on roadways ahead of holiday weekend

Roadways around the state are filling up as drivers get a head start on Memorial Day weekend, State Police say.

// Hitting the road? Here are five myths about holiday traffic

As you sit on a brake-light-bathed stretch of tarmac, there will be time to consider myths about this problem of our own making.

Steinert Hall

Jessica Rinaldi for The Boston Globe

Silent for decades, underground theater set to be revived

Steinert Hall is one of the most intriguing secrets of the city. A new owner could restore it to its former glory.

House asks high court for opinion in tax dispute

The move over taxes ratchets up tensions between the liberal-leaning Senate and the more conservative House.

IndyCars competed in the Baltimore Grand Prix in 2011. A similar race is scheduled for the streets of the South Boston waterfront in 2016.

IndyCar street race coming to Seaport district in 2016

An 11-turn, 2.25-mile temporary street circuit will encircle the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Boston Police targeting replica guns, illegal use of scooters

The effort is part of a plan by city officials to keep Boston streets safe from violence this summer.

Marathon trial podcast

// What happens next for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

This interactive timeline highlights trial coverage and a podcast featuring Globe columnist Kevin Cullen and WBUR reporter David Boeri.


// An open letter from the family of Lingzi Lu

In the wake of the Marathon trial, the Lu family, whose daughter came from China to study in Boston, reflects on her spirit and dreams.

The Big Picture

Cities in the clouds

A selection of images of cities shrouded in weather that makes them appear to be living among the clouds.