Rescue, a very good dog, named country’s best

Jessica Kensky and Rescue waited for the limo that would take them to the ASPCA awards ceremony.

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

The 5-year-old service dog came into Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes’ lives after they were injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Bob Martin (right) participated in a demonstration with hundreds of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., last August.

Mark Peterson/Redux

Disrupted America

When the pizza delivery guy is also ‘Nazi Bob’

In an instant, Chad Eisenhart was forced to confront, in a stunningly personal way, one of the most stomach-churning events since Trump’s rise to power.

// Susan Collins says GOP tax plan ‘needs work’ before she would support it

Senator Susan Collins said a provision to strike the individual mandate should be removed from the Republican tax bill, and deductions should be in focus.

// Trump era sparks new debate about nuclear war authority

It’s hard to overstate how thoroughly the US military has prepared for doomsday — the day America gets into a nuclear shooting war.

// ‘My sons love hunting, I don’t’: Trump’s soft spot for elephants

Conservationists rarely find themselves closely allied with President Donald Trump’s opinions on the proper stewardship of the planet.


// The GOP is against Harvard, but for the rich

When government tries to squeeze tens of billions out of anybody, it’s only natural to ask: What for?

// Secret Service apprehends attempted White House fence jumper

The Secret Service said a man was taken into custody after attempting to jump a security barrier on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House.

// Trump Tower meeting draws more scrutiny

A Russian-American lobbyist and another businessman are opening up about an extraordinary meeting they attended in 2016.

Chatham’s eroding public beaches on Nantucket Sound could soon be revitalized, after a $750, 000 beach nourishment plan was endorsed by the town’s selectman at their weekly board meeting.


Chatham’s beaches are eroding, and the town is doing something about it

Two eroding beaches on Chatham’s southern shores could be revitalized if the town adopts a $750,000 beach renourishment plan that would put dredged sand on the shoreline.

Ambassador Scott Brown shared a traditional Māori greeting with Māori elder Mike Paki before the Rangitikei College awards ceremony earlier this month.

Scott Brown is living large in New Zealand, and loving it

Of the ripples from Donald Trump’s 2016 splash, Brown’s ascension to ambassador ranks among the most unlikely. And, for the former US senator, the most fortunate.

// IRS agent accused of sexual assault at gunpoint remains on the job

The man’s attorney said his client is cooperating with investigators. Four months after the alleged incident, he has not been charged.

Kate McKinnon (left) portrayed Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a Sept. 30 episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Alec Baldwin notably absent from ‘Saturday Night Live’

The actor has regularly portrayed President Trump.

Celtics 110, Hawks 99

// Celtics’ impressive win streak continues

Jayson Tatum offered up two spectacular drunks. The Celtics fought back from a 16-point deficit to win their 15th consecutive game.

Ideas | Christopher Klein

// After the first Thanksgiving, things went downhill

The people who arrived in 1630 in huge numbers were much more opinionated and less open-minded than the Pilgrims.

Everett, MA - 10/25/2017 - TPTW Project engineer Jovinson Ripert (cq), left, is 23. Project executive Mike Cappellano (cq) is 63. They work together in the Wynn Design and Development site office of the Wynn Boston Harbor project, in Everett (cq). Suffolk (cq) (NO LONGER SUFFOLK CONSTRUCTION) has a reverse mentoring program. (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff) Topic: 111917generations Reporter: Tim Logan

Pat Greenhouse/Globe staff

Top Places to Work

How to get different generations to work together effectively

With employees ranging from senior citizens to new college graduates, companies are using many techniques to bring them together.


// A familiar, comfortable feel at Comics Come Home

Saturday’s fund-raiser for The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care featured a surprise jam with Denis Leary, Jimmy Fallon, and John Mayer.

Patriots vs. Raiders | 4:25 p.m. (CBS)

Three young fans posed for a picture inside of a giant frame as they got a sneak preview of NFL Fan Fest in Zocalo Square.


Evaluating the NFL’s international expansion

The next frontiers appear to be a return to Canada, and a game in Germany.


// It’s time for an NFL team to sign Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick’s NFL exile is both conspicuous and suspicious, given the paucity of competent passers.

Holiday arts preview

// The best of the arts this upcoming holiday season

It’s the season for music, shows, and productions of all kinds, just in time for the holidays.

Susan Muther, the author’s mom, watches the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.


The ancestry-fueled trip of a lifetime

When a mother became obsessed with her ancestry, her son decided it was time to bring her back to the motherland.

// Franklin Park Zoo says farewell to ’Okie’ the gorilla

Okpara, a 24-year-old male western lowland gorilla, is being moved to a Louisiana zoo to mate.

// ‘Partridge Family’ star David Cassidy in hospital with organ failure

Cassidy’s publicist says he’s suffering from liver and kidney failure.

// Malcolm Young remembered as a major influence in AC/DC’s sound

Young, the rhythm guitarist and guiding force behind the legendary Australian band, died Saturday at age 64.

// The Season Ticket podcast

Chris Gasper welcomes Celtics reporter Jay King to analyze the Celtics’ 92-88 triumph over the Warriors.

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Magazine | A nonfiction novella

//[1].jpg He put BSO on the map — then landed in a world of trouble

One hundred years ago, one of the world’s top conductors was ensnared in a scandal involving patriotism and sex. It almost toppled Boston’s famed orchestra.

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// Born in Boston, buried in a ‘foreign devil’ graveyard in China

When New England was America’s gateway to China, Massachusetts left its mark on distant shores.

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The Amazon bid

newsroom commentary

// Dear Jeff Bezos: Come and help us build a better Boston together

An open letter to the owner of Amazon, proposing a true partnership that rewrites the relationship between a city and the big companies that call it home.


// A new role for first responders: providing in-home health care

With mobile integrated health, instead of transporting patients to the hospital, EMTs respond to their needs in their own home.


// Play the crossword

Puzzled? Keep trying and see if you can triumph.

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Ask the Gardener: How to care for dahlias over the winter

Award-winning garden writer Carol Stocker tells you what to do in the garden this week, how to store dahlias, and how to protect your trees this winter from hungry critters.