New ‘cottage’ at Maine compound for Jeb Bush

 The 3,000-square-foot home being built for Jeb Bush will be the second-largest house on the family’s compound.


Having a 3,000-square-foot vacation home erected could be a vivid reminder of the complications facing his campaign.

Police in Cleveland stood guard Saturday outside the Cleveland Indians’ ballpark, Progressive Field, during demenstrations in reaction to a police officer’s acquittal on charges of shooting two unarmed black suspects.

More than a dozen arrested in Cleveland protests

People took to the streets after a police officer was found not guilty in the shooting deaths of two unarmed black suspects.

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Four stories of escaping poverty in Boston

Finding a way to move up and out was daunting, but acquiring skills helped make it work for these four people.

Cost of public records is challenged

A lawyer filed a records request to find out more about prison search practices. Officials told her she could have it — for $4,300.

People in Dublin cheered Saturday as Ireland voted in favor of allowing same-sex marriage in a historic referendum.

Kevin Cullen

A paradigm shift the Irish were more than ready for

Even while the Irish still go to Mass more than most Europeans, they are decidedly secular when it comes to their rights.

// Locals laud result of Irish referendum

Many Irish-Americans in Greater Boston greeted the vote as a seismic shift for the traditionally Catholic country.

A fan at Saturday’s Red Sox game wore a shirt that read

Patriots fans plan ‘Free Tom Brady’ rally Sunday at Gillette

The rally is “to protest the unjust football arrest of half God half man Tom Brady,’’ according to a Facebook page for the event.

The boy who burned inside

There was no one to protect Marco Flores, and, just 9 when it started, he couldn’t protect himself. But then one day he realized that others he loved were in danger, and that it was up to him to end it. By Maria Cramer


How we’re failing our female veterans

From ill-fitting equipment to an ill-equipped VA medical system, we must do better.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced Tuesday he would no longer fight his team’s penalties for Deflategate.


Robert Kraft chose legacy over team

Deflategate has become legacy Russian roulette for Roger Goodell, Kraft, and Tom Brady.

Barbara Jackson and Brian Pomodoro with a photo of their eldest child, Gwen, who came out as transgender three years ago.

Families with a transgender child learn and change

More families are speaking out about their experience of raising a transgender child day-to-day.

UFC champion Ronda Rousey doesn’t just let her fists do the talking — she’s quick to offer strong opinions.

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

UFC star Ronda Rousey is taking the world by storm

The undefeated champ is a charming, trash-talking MMA fighter, a sex symbol, actress, and author. Everyone wants a piece of her.

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// In Romero’s elevation, parallels with Francis emerge

Many devotees of the iconic archbishop said there’s a straight line connecting Romero and the first Latin American pope.

Elephants are credited with helping to win Allied victory in Burma in World War II.


The animals conscripted into human wars

That civilians die in war is tragic; that we even drag other species into our conflicts deepens the sorrow.

Angel Echavarria (right) hugged his daughter, Ishannis Lopez, after his conviction was vacated by a judge May 18.

Yvonne Abraham

Eyewitness accounts can be reliably unreliable

If we had known as much about the limits of memory in 1994, Angel Echavarria might not have spent half his life behind bars.

Residents along flooded Texas river urged to evacuate

The Blanco River is at a record high level, according to authorities.

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Oil spill in California

The governor declared a state of emergency after about 105,000 gallons of oil were spilled, affecting nine miles of the scenic coast.