Canadian leader says shootings were terrorist attack

A soldier and the shooter died in the attacks in Ottawa at Canada’s Parliament.


// Maura Healey for attorney general

Her competitive drive is tempered by a deep understanding of complex and high-stakes issues.


// Deb Goldberg for state treasurer

Unlike her opponent, Goldberg has held elected office on the local level, gaining valuable political and fiscal experience.

Man is captured after jumping fence at White House

The Secret Service apprehended a man just inside the fence at the White House.

Alison Seiffer

Shirley Leung | Magazine

Why do female CEOs get fired more often than male ones?

The reason female CEOs get fired more often may lie in a term you’ve never heard: The Glass Cliff.

Darrelle Revis/Chris Keane/AP

Bill Belichick sent Darrelle Revis home for being late

Revis did not practice Tuesday, and league sources said it was because he was late to the Patriots facility.

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Urban voters get a win

Cities will be key in the gubernatorial election, and urban voters are not being taken for granted.

Aniah Mitchell and fellow fourth graders clapped after watching an anniversary film that recounted the Mather School's 375th birthday.

Dorchester elementary school marks 375th anniversary

The Mather Elementary School celebrated a historic milestone for what is billed as the country’s first public elementary school.

// Academic fraud case includes more than 3,100 UNC students

The students — nearly half of them athletes — enrolled in classes they didn’t have to show up for and received inflated grades.