Partner’s job adds complications for Rosenberg

Senator Stanley Rosenberg’s close ties to a public affairs firm, through his partner, Bryon Hefner (right), add a layer of complexity to his attendance at events held by Regan Communications or any of its clients.

AP/File (left)

Stanley Rosenberg, the incoming state Senate president, has close ties to a public affairs firm through his partner, Bryon Hefner.

On Saturday, North Korea described the US claims that it was behind the Sony Pictures cyberattack as slander.

North Korea proposes joint probe with US over Sony hack

North Korea insisted that it was not behind a damaging cyberattack on Sony Pictures.

With his granddaughter, Ally, having less time to help with his 19 lighted reindeer, Fred Smith of Groveland decided to cull his herd.


As a decoration loses its luster, some turn to Craigslist

Type “Christmas” into Craigslist’s Boston edition at this time of year, and thousands of items pop up.

Rich Murphy and his brother are certain people will return to gold.

Gold is losing its shine for investors

A sharp decline in gold prices — from $1,900 an ounce in 2011 to $1,200 now — has left some companies struggling.

Some Boston College students said they fear the response by administrators runs the risk of chilling free speech on the campus.

Boston College protesters facing disciplinary action

Some face reprimand for a 60-person “die-in” because the demonstration was not properly permitted, officials said.

Heather Hersey and other workers were greeted by a huge crowd of supporters on the mill’s last day.

Fred Field for the Globe

Closing of Maine papermaker ends a way of life

The 84-year-old Bucksport plant is the latest mill to fall victim to increased energy costs, global competition, and a decline in demand.

Boston, MA., 12/17/14, How to make your own Kcup… shot. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

Hacked K-cups are latest in battle over Keurig coffeemakers

When Keurig released a line of “2.0” brewers that don’t work with unauthorized cups, the pod people struck back.

Gary Washburn | On basketball

// Celtics resurrection will take time and patience

The Celtics brass is going to have to find creative ways to usher in a new generation.


// Red Sox trade Will Middlebrooks to Padres

The Sox filled a need by acquiring veteran catcher Ryan Hanigan, an Andover High product.


// How a Mass. man invented the global ice market

An entrepreneur’s 1806 scheme to sell chunks of frozen New England ponds still shapes how we live.

The Northern Avenue Bridge is now closed.

City closes Northern Avenue Bridge in South Boston

The century-old span has for years been a pedestrian link between downtown and the South Boston Innovation District.

Study recommends state ‘carbon tax’ to fight climate change

A state report says hiking the price of petroleum products would force many to reduce the use of gas, oil, and fossil fuels.

Alise Lewis (left), Lang Haynes, Ronda Jackson, and Karen Kenney were among advocates and former homeless people who demonstrated in front of the State House on Friday.

Ceremony honors those in Mass. who died without a home

The names of 98 homeless men and women were read aloud, and candles were lit in their honor at a Beacon Hill service.


Michael A. Cohen

// Media overreach in Sony hack

By feasting at the trough of misbegotten gains, major outlets increased the pressure on Sony to cave.

The Big Picture

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2014 Year in Pictures: Part III

Photos from the last four months of 2014 depicting news events and daily life around the world.