Traffic on Route 146 in Sutton after a pothole disabled nearly 50 cars.

Tire-wrecking pothole disables nearly 50 cars in Sutton

The pothole on Route 146 disabled nearly 50 cars in the span of about five minutes early Thursday morning.

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Why Americans have irrational Ebola fears

About half of US adults are concerned there will be a large Ebola outbreak inside the country in the next year, a poll shows.

Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers received a standing ovation as he entered the House of Commons on Thursday in Ottawa.

Ex-Mountie hailed as a hero after Ottawa shootings

Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers shot the gunman who killed a soldier and stormed Canada’s seat of power on Wednesday.

Patrick touts progress in school achievement gaps

Governor Patrick cited recent MCAS results showing gains by African-American and Hispanic students.

Movie Review

‘Birdman’ is jaw dropping

“Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” is a stylistic wow that miraculously stays aloft for two hours.

// Wrong riot? Keene police circulate apparent W. Va. photo

One of the potential suspects identified by the New Hampshire department may have been 600 miles away.

Red Sox reliever Koji Uehara will be a free agent this offseason.

Paul Swydan | Statistically Thinking

Red Sox bullpen just needs one key piece

The Red Sox have a solid foundation for their bullpen in 2015, and can make it great with one crucial move.

Riders board a Green Line train.

Real-time tracking comes to the Green Line

For the first time in the Green Line’s history, you won’t have to guess how far your next trolley is.