Officials hunt for motives behind French Alps crash

A Facebook photo of Andreas Lubitz.


Andreas Lubitz deliberately locked the captain out of the cockpit and steered the plane into its fatal descent, a prosecutor said.

// Pilot suicide raised in French Alps crash, but data show it’s rare

Over the past few decades, pilot-assisted suicides, as the incidents are called, were suspected in only a small number of major crashes.

// Who is Andreas Lubitz, co-pilot in French Alps crash?

Lubitz appears to have deliberately crashed the plane after locking the captain out of the cockpit.

Aaron Hernandez trial interrupted by bomb threat

The murder trial was abruptly halted Thursday afternoon after a bomb threat forced the evacuation of the courthouse.

Boston Marathon bombing trial

Tools and other items were found in the Cambridge apartment.

Jury hears more about bombs used by Tsarnaev brothers

The bombs were mainly made from the flash powder used in fireworks, an FBI chemist testified.

Boston Fed study finds wealth disparities ‘worrisome’

By nearly every measure, white households in Boston had more wealth than minority groups.

// Suspect in Milton High lock-down held without bail

The Watertown man allegedly arrested with a loaded gun was apparently looking for a 16-year-old girl he had met on-line.

Shane Victorino has worked with fellow outfielder Mookie Betts throughout spring camp.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Dan Shaughnessy

Victorino episode a rare brush fire in Red Sox camp

The Red Sox’ glut of big league-ready outfielders in the spring of 2015 was bound to bubble over at some point.

There are many mementos to Michael Kennedy and Edward Walsh in the living area upstairs at the Boylston Street firehouse.

Visitors to Back Bay fire station remember two fallen firefighters

Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of that deadly blaze, but for those at the firehouse it felt more like yesterday.

The vote marks a rare achievement for House Speaker John Boehner and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who negotiated the compromise.

House passes bipartisan Medicare payment deal

The bill would terminate a faulty Medicare payment system and spare doctors and patients the annual threat of severe cuts.

Television Review

// A damning view of Scientology in HBO’s ‘Going Clear’

The HBO documentary combines interviews with former members, reenactments, and footage of Scientology events.

The ruse was concocted by Officer Ronald Guilmette and high school junior Nick Fortuna.

Fake traffic stop in Amesbury delivers real prom invitation

The ruse was part of a plan concocted by Officer Ronald Guilmette and high school junior Nick Fortuna.

// Police detonate cannonball found on Castle Island

The cannonball may date to the Civil War era and is most likely inert, but State Police held a controlled detonation on Carson Beach.

Mold on the walls and baseboard trim in the basement of a home from water leaking.

Charles Mann


How to fix home damage caused by winter

A contractor offers advice on how to repair wet floors and walls, get rid of mold, and deal with insurance companies.

ty burr

// Is ‘Get Hard’ racist?

The question itself opens up an interesting conversation about how our entertainments reflect and distort the social realities we choose to believe in.

Evan Horowitz

// Mass. roads among busiest — and worst funded — in US

Despite our densely packed and highly traveled streets, we commit less money to roadways than any other state.

Marathon trial podcast

// Episode 12: Tsarnaev’s texts and other digital data

This interactive timeline highlights trial coverage and a podcast featuring Globe columnist Kevin Cullen and WBUR reporter David Boeri.


Stephen Kinzer

// National sovereignty is so yesterday

The decline of the nation-state, already underway, will be one of the most important developments of this century.

The Big Picture

Bob Leverone/Getty Images

Mascots bring the spirit

With the NCAA Tournament underway, the mascots are out in force to bring good luck to their teams.