Atlanta hospital to discharge 2 Ebola patients

The hospital will hold a news conference to discuss the cases.

// US says bid to rescue hostages in Syria failed

President Obama condemned the killing of James Foley, and officials said US military rescuers were unable to locate hostages in Syria.

// James Foley’s parents hope his values endure

“I pray that . . . he not have died in vain,” his mother, Diane, said.

// James Foley is remembered for bravery, kindness

“He had a very strong moral center about what was right and what was wrong,” a former teacher said.

Protesters in Ferguson, Mo., held roses as they demonstrated for justice after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

In Ferguson protests, teens seek a wider justice

Michael Brown’s death has deepened the stress of being young black teens living in areas of concentrated poverty and crime.

William H. Macy of “Shameless” is nominated for a lead comedy actor award at the Emmys and “Orange is the New Black” has 12 comedy nominations this year.

Showtime photo (left); AP/Netflix photo

Matthew Gilbert | Critic’s Notebook

Emmy categories fail to measure TV’s complexity

The Emmy Awards need to evolve to suit the times, maintain our trust, and avoid sliding into pointlessness.

Yvonne Abraham

School lessons, for life

Dorchester’s Codman Academy has never been just about getting kids through high school and sending them off to college.

An ad for gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Baker featured a nurse and told of his work at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

Campaigns’ messages geared toward women

Female voters have surged into starring roles as the gubernatorial campaign has jumped onto the airwaves.

The Asus Padfone X.

Hiawatha bray | tech lab

Can the Asus hybrid reheat the tablet market?

This odd little hybrid — a tablet and phone in one — might find a niche for itself because it’s cool and cheap.

Former Red Sox righthander Curt Schilling blames 30 years of smokeless tobacco use on his cancer diagnosis.

Curt Schilling’s revelation a warning about tobacco use

After Schilling’s announcement, along with the death of Tony Gwynn, players said they know about the dangers that tobacco poses.

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