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The Big Picture

Photos: Menino through the years

An old-school politician, Menino helped turn Boston into a hub of 21st-century innovation. See more photos.

// Globe front pages: A look back

A look at some of the pivotal moments in the mayor’s life.


// Tom Menino was the mayor to a city of champions

The late mayor loved sports, and the Red Sox especially, and the feeling was clearly mutual.


// The life and legacy of Thomas Menino

In his decades in office, Menino turned Boston into a 21st century hub of innovation and reshaped its very skyline.

Tears and shock around Boston City Hall

City workers nursed welling eyes and solemn faces as they struggled to come to terms with the passing of Menino.

Menino praised as a ‘political giant’ who built a better Boston

The death of long-time Boston mayor Thomas Menino prompted an outpouring of praise for his service to the city.

opinion | Kathy Kottaridis

// Tom Menino’s love for the past

He was ahead of his time in furthering dynamic, safe, and attractive historic neighborhoods.

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// Boston was witness to Tom Menino’s unbreakable drive

Menino will always remain an unstoppable and larger-than-life presence.


// Boston was Menino’s extended family

Former Mayor Thomas Menino stood apart as a politician with a common touch and uncommon skill at overcoming obstacles.