Patriots’ offensive line can’t block criticism

Only two players are playing in the same spot they did last year, and it shows.

patriots 16, raiders 9

Patriots hold on to defeat Raiders

Vince Wilfork’s late interception helped New England win their home opener at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

Bobby Dionne (left) of Mapleville, R.I., watched as his girlfriend Betty Ann Conroy, Scotland, Conn., sang “Sweet Caroline” with Tori Gualtieri, of Norwich, Conn.

As Red Sox sputter to the end, fans take it in stride

Thanks to three recent World Series victories, even diehard fans seemed to shrug off this season’s struggles.

In this artist concept provided by NASA, the MAVEN spacecraft approaches Mars on a mission to study its upper atmosphere.

NASA’s Maven explorer arrives at Mars after year

Now the real work begins for the $671 million mission.

// How did these streets get these names?!

For some buyers, street names can be a deal-breaker. For others, they’re just fodder for amusement.

Volunteers at the Coalition for Social Justice get last minute instructions before heading out to canvas voters in Fall River about the sick pay initiative.

Sick leave measure divides workers, businesses

In November, Mass. voters will weigh in on a plan to let workers earn sick time.

3 Afghan soldiers go missing from Cape Cod base

A National Guard spokesman said the men, who went missing from a training exercise, pose no immediate threat.

// Vigil celebrates Winchester teen’s life

What began as a somber gathering on Sunday night erupted into a celebration of Patrick Gill’s spirit.

// Irish outpouring for Walsh underscores immigrants’ legacy

The Connemara region has long been defined by the people who have left — immigrants like Marty Walsh’s parents.

Child poverty continues to climb in Mass.

The issue is partly caused by costly day care and housing and the proliferation of low-wage jobs, specialists said.

Full Circle Health Care acknowledged that it stopped paying monthly fees to CompuGroup, in part because of disputed billings.

Billing dispute leads to blocked patient data in Maine

The battle, which pitted a tiny medical office against a German corporation, may have broader implications.


// The big benefit of downsizing: There’s more family time

Pick up any parenting magazine and chances are you’ll find an article about the importance of play.