Steward sues Globe, serves papers on patient

Steward Health Care is seeking a court order to permit the release of a patient’s medical records in order to rebut an upcoming Boston Globe story.

// Man killed in 4-alarm Brighton blaze

A man who tried to rescue people was killed when he apparently became disoriented and could not find his way out, officials said.

// Construction workers aided victims in Brighton fire

Mike Grant and James Skerry ran into the burning building to help victims, and even used a ladder from their vehicle to rescue a young girl.

// Tsarnaev college friend to plead guilty today in court

The attorney for Dias Kadyrbayev did not say whether the plea was part of a sentence-reducing deal with prosecutors.

John Hersey


How my brother’s life ended with a fentanyl overdose

George Bell’s family was powerless to stop his brother’s lifelong, and life-ending, drug and alcohol addiction.

// US Ebola patients pose no public health risk, doctor says

Officials announced the release of Dr. Kent Brantly (above) and Nancy Writebol from an Atlanta hospital on Thursday.

// Militants pressed for ransom before killing James Foley

The United States refused to pay a multimillion-dollar ransom for the release of the N.H. reporter.


// James Foley, exemplar of bravery to many, dies at 40

“He just had this gene that didn’t know fear,” a friend of Foley said.


// PayPal girds for possible spinoff from eBay

PayPal, which has a notable office in Boston, could be spun off from its parent company as early as 2015.