After casino license victory, Steve Wynn takes conciliatory tone

Steve Wynn has Revere roots.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

The billionaire said he is grateful to build in Everett, and eager to reboot a chilly relationship with Marty Walsh.

Artist’s rendering of the Wynn casino proposed in Everett.

Neighboring cities wary of Everett casino traffic

The potential traffic impact of the casino has been a key focus of discussion of leaders of nearby cities.

Yvonne Abraham

Don’t turn a blind eye to child abuse or neglect

How did Erika Murray’s oldest children go to school, have friends, and see relatives, yet nobody raised the alarm?

special section

Style magazine: Fall style

The low-down on fashion’s cooling trend, 10 looks brides love right now, and more.

Tommy Harper said he twice was stripped of jobs by the Red Sox for blowing the whistle on racial intolerance.

Tommy Harper still haunted by time with Red Sox

Harper endured years of racial discrimination as a player, coach, and front-office staffer under the team’s Yawkey-affiliated regime.


In Maine, climate change is taking a toll

Maine, the state with the highest percentage of forested land, is uniquely vulnerable to climate change, scientists say.

At left, Mayor Marty Walsh, his girlfriend, Lorrie Higgins, and his mother, Mary Walsh, sat at a Mass said in his honor in Rosmuc. At right, his mother with her brother, Peter.

Kevin Cullen

You can’t go home when you’ve never left

There is nothing foreign about Marty Walsh’s first foreign trip as mayor.

Elder advocates raise concerns on assisted living

The state agency charged with overseeing 224 residences is ill-equipped to protect increasingly frail residents, advocates say.

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