Lawmakers blast Secret Service director at hearing

Julia Pierson’s promised review of the Secret Service and a recent White House security breach left lawmakers from both parties cold.

// Ex-Belmont businessman arrested on fraud charges

Jack Cranney was arrested in Texas for allegedly stealing $6 million in investments from 15 of his clients.

// iFreex a ‘rebranded TelexFree fraud,’ Galvin warns

The Mass. secretary of state says an effort to attract people to invest in a mobile phone service resembles the alleged pyramid scheme.


// For ‘Whitey’ Bulger, money buys silence

Even if Cathy Greig knew where the rest of Whitey’s dough was stashed, she wouldn’t give it up. After all, that’s her pension.

Facebook and other social media allow users to present a curated self, showing friends or the public a happier or more accomplished version of a person.


Overblown Facebook personas making us miserable?

Studies have suggested that looking at idealized versions of our friends’ lives leaves us feeling more unhappy with our own.

// Olympian Michael Phelps arrested on DUI charge

The Olympic swimmer was charged with driving under the influence and excessive speed.

Evan Horowitz

// At what age do NFL QBs start to decline?

Tom Brady, at 37, is in the age range where other big-name quarterbacks have begun to decline. Can he reverse that trend?

Ben Volin | On Football

// Patriots starting to look smart for drafting Garoppolo

Everything should be on the table now with Tom Brady and the Patriots, if Bill Belichick truly wants to do what’s best for the team.


// Chiefs loss was a complete failure of Patriots system

The Patriots right now are all out of “In Belichick We Trust” platitudes to explain their gaping roster holes.

Double Shot

My Morning Cup

// How does James Rosen take his coffee?

The chief Washington correspondent for Fox News shares his coffee drinking habits.