Labrie acquitted of felony rape in St. Paul’s School trial

Owen Labrie was seen as the jury announced its verdict.

WCVB screencapture

A jury convicted Owen Labrie of misdemeanor sexual assault of a 15-year-old student at the St. Paul’s School, but acquitted him of more serious charges.

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// How post-Katrina New Orleans transformed its health care system

Often the greatest innovations emerge when there are no other options.


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Turning a World War II watchtower into a guesthouse

Houseguests of car dealer Brian Kelly in Manchester get to sleep in a 165 foot tall structure designed to recall a yacht.

// How many of these great N.E. fairs have you visited?

Ten events that help you connect to our agriculture roots — and have a lot of fun while doing it.

// Lack of recognition in Hingham frustrates war hero’s relative

Herbert Foss received the Medal of Honor more than 100 years ago, but plans to honor the former resident have all fallen through.

Bartholomew's Cobble in Sheffield.

J. Monkman


Exploring New England’s hidden beauty spots

Sometimes it takes a chance encounter with a tourist or a “scenic overlook” sign to remind us to look around.


// NESN owes us an explanation on Don Orsillo termination

Fans and media continue to be perplexed, but so far the reaction from the station has been silence.


// A library grows in Dorchester

Uplifting is a good word for what has happened at a Dorchester school over the last eight months.

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// When propaganda displaces democracy

Its influence on citizens’ choices can’t be overstated — and is even harder to overcome.

Donald Trump with his father, Fred Trump, after graduating from Wharton in 1968.

Courtesy of Donald Trump

Even in college, Donald Trump was brash

The blunt and bombastic personality that has helped Trump upend the Republican primary was in full bloom during his years at Wharton business school.

SJC rules against sex offender zone laws in Mass.

Cities and towns cannot broadly restrict where sex offenders can live, the state’s highest court ruled.

FDA approves Marlborough company’s epilepsy drug

An epilepsy tablet made by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals won US approval Friday to be sold as a primary therapy.

A makeshift memorial was seen in front of the studios of WDBJ-TV7 in Roanoke, Va., on Thursday.

Virginia TV shooting survivor tried to dodge bullets, husband says

Vicki Gardner flinched and moved away from Vester Lee Flanagan before he fired a gun pointed at her face, Gardner’s husband said.

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// Progress and frustration in gun control

If Alison Parker and Adam Ward are not to have died in vain, then the reaction to their deaths must not be apathy.

//[1]-8854--90x90.jpg Newburyport women who fled with girl held on $20,000 bail

Kristen Paquette and her mother, Debra, allegedly took Kristen’s 7-year-old daughter to New York.

Alex and Ani founder Carolyn Rafaelian and former chief executive Giovanni Feroce presided over a period of tremendous growth. The company now has 46 stores, including one on Newbury Street (above). Rafaelian’s real estate holdings include Belcourt Castle in Newport.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Alex and Ani hurt by executive exits, party incident

Behind the New Age marketing and rapid expansion, the jewelry retailer has struggled with some decidedly negative vibes.

// Charlie Baker takes hands-off approach to Donald Trump

Baker wouldn’t say if he would endorse a Trump nomination, but he also took a pass on denouncing the GOP front-runner’s rhetoric.

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// Why Joe Biden could skip N.H. if he runs for president

The rationale for Biden to skip Iowa and New Hampshire is this: He would enter in the race too late to compete in those states.

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// Curt Schilling and the etiquette of ‘delete’

The Schilling tweet episode highlighted an emerging dilemma of the social-media era.

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10 years after Hurricane Katrina

President Obama visited New Orleans to mark progress the city has made before the anniversary of the hurricane.


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// Is the tech party coming to an end?

Investors have had a rollicking time putting money into tech and biotech startups. Are they getting ready to split?


// Ex-envoy, charged with sexual abuse, has died, Vatican says

Jozef Wesolowski, 67, was found dead early Friday in the Vatican room where he has been held on house arrest.