Vertex pledges $500m to charity over 10-year span

The Seaport-based pharmaceuticals firm is taking a big step toward bolstering its standing in Boston’s civic circles.

// How much good will does $500,000 buy in Congress?

We may find out when Raytheon’s top lobbyist, Mark Esper, faces senators for his confirmation to become secretary of the Army.

Pedestrian made his way over the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River toward Boston on Tuesday.

Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff

Wear your winter coat this morning — hang it up as weekend approaches

Following a cold night, temperatures in Greater Boston will only rise into the 50s today, but warmer weather is just around the corner.

Hotel homicide victim ‘was targeted in that room,’ police say

A man was shot and killed early Tuesday in the Holiday Inn Express hotel on Boston Street, officials said.

// Marino withdraws name from drug czar consideration

Representative Tom Marino has withdrawn his name from consideration as the administration’s drug czar, the president tweeted Tuesday.

// Report: Trump joked that Pence wanted to hang gays

According to The New Yorker, President Trump joked about Mike Pence’s views on gay rights, saying, “Don’t ask that guy — he wants to hang them all!”

// John McCain condemns ‘half-baked, spurious nationalism’

An emotional US Senator John McCain launched a thinly veiled critique of President Trump’s global stewardship Monday night.

//[1].jpg New car inspection scheme sees some improvement

Car inspections were disrupted when a new software system was clumsily launched Oct. 1.

// Gregg Popovich labels Trump ‘a soulless coward’

The San Antonio Spurs coach said President Trump’s comments Monday that other presidents “didn’t make calls” to families of fallen soldiers were “as low as it gets.”

// Trump said Obama never called families of fallen troops — then got fact-checked live

The president’s assertion belied a long record of meetings his predecessor held with the families of killed service members.

// Dog spotted on Mass. Pike is missing from new home

Indy and his owner just moved to Boston on Monday when the dog escaped from their new apartment.

// ‘I have real concerns about our high schools,’ says Mayor Walsh

Walsh says he’s asked Superintendent Tommy Chang for a report on ways to improve the city’s secondary education.

// Applause, jeers at three-hour Brookline meeting over Pine Manor land

Town officials want to seize 7 acres from Pine Manor College by eminent domain. The college is vowing to fight the proposal.

Dave Ratner of Dave’s Soda and Pet City on his store's Facebook page promoting dog food. Rather appeared with Trump when he signed an executive order on health care and it has hurt his business.



Somebody throw poor Dave a bone

The owner of Dave’s Soda and Pet City has received a lot of blowback after he was at the White House when President Trump signed an order on health care.

//[1] ‘The worst two days of my life,’ says business owner

After last week’s photo, Dave Ratner has learned a tough political lesson. Will his Western Mass. customers give him a second chance?

Fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal

// ‘It is a moment for change, and there is a lot of energy there’

The #MeToo movement on Twitter has exploded, with women from all walks of life testifying to their experience being harassed or assaulted.

// Most women never report their brushes with sexual harassment

The #MeToo posts only scratch the surface of how widespread the issue is.

// Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg says everyone knew about Weinsten

The Needham native says he overlooked Weinstein’s misdeeds because he was a generous friend.

NBA Preview 2017-18


// The inside story of the Celtics’ crazy offseason

The Celtics knew there would be change. But no one in their front office envisioned an offseason like this one.

Celtics at Cavaliers | 8 p.m. (TNT)

// Have the Celtics upgraded enough to beat Cavaliers?

Cleveland has made significant changes, too, adding intrigue to a budding rivalry.

// One home, under Amazon

From the living room to the office, the e-commerce giant works to make its goods and services essential to customers’ lives.  

Globe Staff photo illustration


Boston is primed for Amazon

Let’s be clear: Amazon is a natural fit for our city.

Patriots 24, Jets 17: In review

// An illustrated explanation of that overturned touchdown

A replay ruling in Sunday’s game negated a touchdown in the fourth quarter of New England’s win.

// Halloween retailer pulls Anne Frank costume amid complaints

A costume listing showing a smiling girl wearing World War II-era clothing and a beret quickly drew criticism.

// Here are the top Netflix shows for ‘binge racing’

“Binge racing” is defined as plowing through a series’ entire season in less than 24 hours after its release.

// White men feel overlooked at the office, survey says

In spite of the results, data show men continue to dominate the top ranks of virtually every field.

Miss Conduct

// I lost a parent, and people aren’t even sending cards

A bereaved letter writer and a laid-off worker wonder why friends and colleagues aren’t reaching out.


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// Children of priests step out of the shadows

A growing number of people who say their fathers are priests are speaking out, drawing attention to an invisible legion of suffering.

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// Even after Equifax and Wells Fargo, GOP sides with big financial institutions

Bank lobbyists hate this new rule, and they’re pushing Congress hard to reverse it.

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// Dear Jeff Bezos: Come and help us build a better Boston together

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// Flu experts see potential for a nasty winter season

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