US says bid to rescue hostages in Syria failed

President Obama condemned the killing of James Foley, and officials said US military rescuers were unable to locate hostages in Syria.

// James Foley is remembered for bravery, kindness

“He had a very strong moral center about what was right and what was wrong,” a former teacher said.

// In Ferguson, Eric Holder talks of his encounters with police

The attorney general was in Ferguson, Mo., where he sought to reassure residents about the investigation into the death of Michael Brown.

Bain Capital buys 50 percent of company that donates shoes

Toms Shoes gives away a pair of shoes to a poor child for every pair purchased.

7/29/14 Nantucket Mass. Kevin Williams waits by his golfer's bag on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at Nantucket's Sankaty Head Golf Club. (Zack Wittman for the Boston Globe)

Zack Wittman for the Boston Globe

The last private-club caddie camp

Nantucket’s Sankaty Head Caddie Camp grooms teens for success.

Angels shortstop Erick Aybar headed for home after Clay Buchholz issued a bases-loaded walk during the fifth inning.


Red Sox lose as Buchholz is ineffective

Clay Buchholz allowed six runs in six innings, including five runs in the fifth.


// Anatomy of the Market Basket meltdown

Local CEOs, the former US secretary of labor, an MIT Sloan professor, and more offer their reflections on the company’s disastrous summer.

The Asus Padfone X.

Hiawatha bray | tech lab

Can the Asus hybrid reheat the tablet market?

This odd little hybrid — a tablet and phone in one — might find a niche for itself because it’s cool and cheap.


Derrick Z. Jackson

// White America’s racial blinders

As unjustified as the shooting of Michael Brown was, white America has barely shrugged its shoulders.



// City Council votes to ban parking apps

The Boston City Council passed an ordinance aimed at the startup Haystack that prohibits the selling, leasing, or reserving of public ways.