Baker’s moving talk with fisherman was in 2009

The encounter with a fisherman that a choked-up Charlie Baker recounted became the signature moment of Tuesday’s debate.


// Baker’s fisherman story should cause anger, not tears

If this unidentified fisherman exists and his tale is true, he still makes a curious case for tears.

Charlie Baker’s show of emotion recalled those of Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Boehner, and Edmund Muskie. Photos (clockwise from left) by WCVB-TV, Elise Amendola/Associated Press, Jason Reed/Reuters, and Mike Lien/New York Times

Do people want to vote for a politician who cries?

Tears can endear political hopefuls to voters or make them come across as not having sufficient toughness to lead.

// Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly discloses that he is gay

The public declaration makes Cook the highest-profile business CEO to come out.

State’s Ebola response is unclear, critics say

The Mass. Department of Public Health is being criticized for not clearly communicating how it would deal with the disease.

Brianna Wu with a poster of some of her video game characters.

Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff

GamerGate anger at women all too real for gamemaker

A frightening online campaign threatening rape and death forced Arlington game developer Brianna Wu to flee her home.

// ‘Top Chef’ pays a visit to Fenway Park

Contestants in the third episode in Boston were tasked with making a dish inspired by concession-stand snacks.

// Recording of Mafia induction made history 25 years ago

The recordings in Medford were the first and only ever made by law enforcement and helped lead to a host of indictments.


// Rajon Rondo is back to his old self

Rondo’s impact in the Celtics’ season opener went beyond numbers, as he picked apart the Nets defense with surgical precision.

My Morning Cup

// How do the gubernatorial candidates take their coffee?

The candidates in the Mass. governor’s race share their coffee rituals.