Report envisions canals, fortifications in Boston’s future

Sea rise could bring a Clarendon Canal and other flood controls.

A Back Bay canal system was among the more imaginative solutions in a new report about preparing Boston for climate change.

// 3-alarm fire damages Quincy’s Old City Hall

The 170-year-old building is undergoing a restoration project that was expected to cost more than $8 million.

// New Jack Kerouac monument in Lowell

Literary tourists have long come to the author’s gravesite, identified for years only by a simple plaque.

Overblown Facebook personas can leave friends deflated

Studies have suggested that looking at idealized versions of our friends’ lives leaves us feeling more unhappy with our own.

// Secret Service director criticized at House hearing

Julia Pierson acknowledged that the agency fell short in protecting the White House when an intruder entered the mansion this month.

The team that’s not “all in” couldn’t get out of Arrowhead Stadium fast enough after getting its doors blown off in a game they were never in. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff)


Chiefs loss was a complete failure of Patriots system

The Patriots right now are all out of “In Belichick We Trust” platitudes to explain their gaping roster holes.

On Football

// Is Tom Brady’s clock ticking faster than we thought?

The way Tom Brady has opened the 2014 season, the Patriots look smarter each day for drafting Jimmy Garoppolo.

// NFL says penalty on Chiefs’ Husain Abdullah not warranted

An NFL official said Abdullah’s religious expression did not merit an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty Monday.

Double Shot

My Morning Cup

// How does James Rosen take his coffee?

The chief Washington correspondent for Fox News shares his coffee drinking habits.