Fiancee testifies in Aaron Hernandez murder trial

Prosecutor William McCauley (left) showed Shayanna Jenkins a gun during Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial.


Aaron Hernandez was “normal” just hours after the killing of Odin Lloyd, Shayanna Jenkins testified Friday.

// Germanwings copilot hid illness from employers

Andreas Lubitz had been excused by a doctor from work the day he crashed a passenger plane into a mountain, prosecutors said.

// Police sorting crash victims’ remains in French Alps ravine

Not one corpse has been found intact, although between 400 and 600 body parts have been collected from the crash site.

Two of the towers were removed last year.

David L Ryan/Globe Staff

Longfellow’s last two ‘salt and pepper’ towers coming off

The structures will return as part of a restoration process, but as the weather warms, the bridge will present a very different face.

Cambridge lets the public decide how to spend $500,000

The city is open to ideas including murals, new furniture for the library, and public bike repair stations.

// Two unaccounted for after NYC explosion, collapses

A gas explosion caused the collapse of three five-story buildings and damage to a fourth, injuring at least 19 people.

Massachusetts leads country in jobs for college grads

Massachusetts has more job openings that require a college degree than most other states, according to a new report.

30scienceinmind - ***WARNING: LO RES, do not use for more than 1.75 columns *** - A huge Martian watershed. A false-color topographic map (blue marks low elevations) shows the area around Jezero Crater. Flowing water would have gathered any biologic or organic material from a wide area and deposited it at the crater, making it a logical landing site for a future Mars rover mission. (NASA/MSSS/ASU/GSFC)


Ancient Mars lake could be prime target in search for life

The lake once measured roughly the area of Lake Champlain and was more than 500 feet deep.

FBI offers reward for information on gold theft from Boston-bound truck

Armed robbers stole nearly $5 million worth of gold bars in North Carolina on March 1 from a truck headed to Boston.

John Fish and other Boston 2024 organizers met with the Globe’s editorial board on Tuesday.


Boston 2024, or The Raven Returns

John Fish and other organizers failed to provide adequate answers as to how they’ll achieve the Olympics without taxpayer money.


// Image of Krystle Campbell will stay with Tsarnaev jurors

A medical examiner depicted Campbell’s final moments lying on Boylston Street, her body ripped apart.

// Wow Air’s first flight to land at Logan today

The low-cost Icelandic carrier provides service to Reykjavik and other European cities.

Vicki Kennedy opens up about the Kennedy Institute

The wife of Edward Kennedy spoke about the wishes of her husband before he died and the challenges of creating the institute.

Innovation Economy

// Amazon’s Jeff Bezos once quietly advised iRobot

For several years starting in 2004, Bezos became a mentor to iRobot chief executive Colin Angle.

// Will Kanye West buy Karmaloop? Maybe, says defiant CEO

West and fellow hip-hop mogul Damon Dash poured more gas on rumors they may acquire the debt-ridden streetwear company.

Munch Madness 2015

// Meet the Final Four

Which restaurants should make it to the Top 2? Vote now in the semifinal match-ups.

Marathon trial podcast

// Episode 13: How the Marathon bombs were built

This interactive timeline highlights trial coverage and a podcast featuring Globe columnist Kevin Cullen and WBUR reporter David Boeri.


victoria kennedy

// Edward M. Kennedy Institute aims to inspire

The institute is a reminder of everything the Senate was designed to be — and everything it can be again, the senator’s widow writes.

The Big Picture

Bob Leverone/Getty Images

Mascots bring the spirit

With the NCAA Tournament underway, the mascots are out in force to bring good luck to their teams.