Militants execute N.H. reporter James Foley

The Islamic State distributed a video that said Foley’s apparent beheading was retaliation for recent US airstrikes in Iraq.

Shirley Leung

// What is the Market Basket board doing?

The all-male board can’t figure out how to get the company back on its feet. And sadly, it’s not for lack of trying.


// Corey Griffin, 27; his riches were family, friends, philanthropy

Philanthropic at an age when most focus solely on launching careers, Mr. Griffin solicited $100,000 in donations for ALS.

// Family of BU student killed in fire prepares lawsuit

The complaint accuses the landlord and brokers of renting an illegal apartment with insufficient exits and a faulty fire alarm.

Teen reported missing in Haverhill turns out to be hoax

A young teen allegedly stole a boat, left it in the Merrimack River, swam to shore, and reported a friend missing.

Curt Schilling took part in a ceremony in May to honor the 2004 Red Sox World Series championship team at Fenway Park.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Curt Schilling reveals he was treated for mouth cancer

The former Red Sox pitcher was diagnosed with cancer in February but kept the details a secret.

A young protester covers his face with the US flag in Ferguson Monday.

Derrick Z. Jackson

White America’s racial blinders

As unjustified as the shooting of Michael Brown was, and as much as it has dominated the news, white America has barely shrugged its shoulders.

Michael Brown's shooting in the middle of a Ferguson street has sparked a more than week of protests, riots and looting in the St. Louis suburb.

Subdued protests, smaller crowds in Ferguson

The St. Louis suburb still had plenty of lively protest Tuesday over the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.

Blackjack is a game where the only winning strategy is to play smart, play long, and play deliberately.

Evan Horowitz

Why counting cards in blackjack can tip the odds

Blackjack is a game where the only winning strategy is to play smart, play long, and play deliberately.


Juliette Kayyem

// Bad policy, bad policing

The police response in Ferguson violated the cardinal rules of security in the homeland: Flexibility and a capacity to pivot are key.


// What Filene’s site looks like as new office of Havas

The top four floors of the landmark Downtown Crossing building have been transformed into offices for the ad conglomerate.