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Police chief walks home in underwear after losing his job

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The police chief of a small New Hampshire town walked home in his underwear after losing his job this week, according to media reports.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that Croydon Police Chief Richard Lee said he had no choice but to leave Town Hall in his underwear Tuesday after the selectmen voted to dissolve the town’s police department. Lee was the lone employee of the department.

“I was told that I had to turn over the keys to the cruiser and my uniform immediately," Lee told the Union Leader Wednesday. “I had no other means of transportation, as the cruiser is a take-home vehicle, and I have no spare clothes in the office, so I did as ordered.”


Croydon is located 35 miles northwest of Concord, N.H., and has a population of 764 people.

The Union Leader reported that Lee was wearing only boots, a hat, and his underwear when he started walking toward his home in Newport during a snowstorm. Somewhere along the way, his wife picked him up.

“Someone called my wife ... but I probably made it about three-quarters of a mile before she got there,” he said.

The Union Leader reported that Lee was employed by the town for about 20 years and was its only police officer, and Russell Edwards, the chairman of the Board of Selectmen, said the decision to eliminate Lee’s position was an economic one.

“We didn’t feel we were getting the value for our money,” Edwards said.

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