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Kimberly Atkins

In bid to end COVID-19 unemployment boost, GOP misses the she-cession

All of the economy’s 140,000 lost jobs in December were held by women.

On Nov. 16, a woman is silhouetted as she takes in the faces in the photographs that make up the "Say Their Names" memorial on Boston Common. According to its website, "The Say Their Names Memorial is a nationwide initiative to honor Black lives lost to racial injustice, police brutality, and racism."

We actually know very little about police brutality

Despite having militarized police departments across the country, the federal government does not collect comprehensive data that encompasses all kinds police violence.

Mary Ann D'Urso
Cashier Diana Rivero stands behind a partial protective plastic screen and wears a mask and gloves at the Presidente Supermarket in Miami in April, 2020.

The Grocery Stories: Transactional work relationships

There are many good people working at my store, and we get on well. In many ways, though, we are strangers commuting on the same train.

Joan Vennochi
An MBTA employee checks on a new Orange Line train before a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the arrival of the trains in 2019.

In case you missed it: The Orange Line is falling apart

Now that the MBTA has introduced new vehicles, it would be nice if they could get them to run properly.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Joe Biden.

A Democrat in the White House? Cue the FDR analogies

Americans in 2021 aren’t asking for another New Deal, and have made sure the president lacks the power to enact one.

Jyoti Jasrasaria
Election inspector Taquaine Mason observes a voter drop his ballot into the box during early in-person voting, Oct. 29, 2020, in Cambridge.

Voter suppression happens in Massachusetts, too

Our election laws put us in line with some of the worst states in the country.

Governor Charlie Baker and his team have fought their way forward from the doleful days when their inoculation-organization efforts were widely panned.

Charlie Baker’s big bounce back

A bipartisan event with President Biden helps showcase Governor Baker’s recovery after a COVID-19 fumble.

Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin (center) is taken into custody on April 20 after he was found guilty on three counts for the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

Unless qualified immunity ends, there’s no police accountability

Holding officers financially liable for misconduct is the most important provision in the Democrats’ policing legislation.