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Beth Howard

Keep your scorn. Kentucky needs your solidarity.

As the waters continued to rise, so did the vitriol coming our way on social media. Many people, many of whom claim to be progressive, are laying the blame for this situation at our feet — even suggesting that we deserve it.

Svante Myrick

To transform Boston policing, test for authoritarianism

Polygraph tests for applicants can weed out individuals whose psychological profiles mean they should never carry a badge and a gun.


Pelosi shows the way forward on Taiwan

The House speaker gave a master class in how to stand up to a thug. Follow her lead, Mr. President.

Alex Beam

Dear Bob Dylan . . .

Letters from his unopened sack of fan mail.

Building a class

Any particular qualifications of an individual applicant are secondary considerations to the primary one — how will the applicant contribute to that year’s class.


The midterm election picture is changing

Both parties are battling with the consequences of overreaching.

Ezekiel J. Emanuel

Needed: A COVID course correction

How should the federal government navigate the disconnect between a public health emergency and a population that seems inured?

Joan Vennochi

Kansas abortion vote shows how hard it is to take away a right

There’s a fear that many rights we now take for granted are at risk, and a populist rising against that outcome could be more bipartisan than Republicans understand.