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David Hogg and John Rosenthal

Even after the Supreme Court’s decision, Massachusetts gun laws may be safe — for now

While both laws give police some discretion in issuing firearm licenses, the discretion in the New York law was based on the applicant’s stated reason for carrying a firearm outside the home.

Kimberly Atkins Stohr

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer lays bare the reality of gun violence

Breyer not only focused unflinchingly on the gun violence that is happening in real time. He also laid bare the fallacies and disingenuous reasoning of the court’s majority in striking down the New York gun law.


Jan. 6 hearings won’t sway Trump supporters. That’s OK.

Investigating the insurrection isn’t about waking Republicans from their stupor. It’s about holding Trump and his co-conspirators accountable.

Michelle A. Williams

The Supreme Court is misinformed on eugenics

Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion nodded approvingly to the discredited theory that those who promote access to birth control and abortion have a eugenicist motive to limit reproduction in Black communities.


The Herculean task facing the Jan. 6 committee

The cleansing surge of water — the public outrage — that we hope will come and sweep out the dung may not come.

Joan Vennochi

What’s really going on at the factory that’s building the T’s new subway cars?

No one on Beacon Hill seems to be asking the tough questions that need to be asked: Why is it taking so long to produce these subway cars? And why are there so many issues with the ones already delivered?


Even Democrats now agree: Biden is too old for his job

Everyone can see the toll that age is taking on the president.


Integrity and honor didn’t matter to Trump, but it did to GOP officials in Georgia and Arizona

Will voters show the same character when it comes to their own role in our democracy?