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Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. paused inside his polling place to talk to a supporter before casting his ballot in the preliminary election on Sept. 21.

Has Everett had enough of Mayor Carlo DeMaria?

Whatever one thinks of him — and he tends to provoke strong reactions — DeMaria has been one of the more transformative mayors in Greater Boston.


Tomorrow’s America

Cartoonist Patrick Chappatte's take on the news

Joan Vennochi
City Councilor Michelle Wu, left, and City Councilor Annissa Essaibi George partake in a mayoral debate on Oct. 19.

Michelle Wu name-dropped Tom Menino. Here’s why.

Menino is still the gold standard when it comes to performing the nuts-and-bolts job of being mayor. Wu is smart to wrap herself in the glow of Menino memories.


It isn’t tax cuts that are driving federal deficits

The government has a too-much-spending problem, not a too-little-revenue problem.

Thea Brooks stands in front of a mural of her slain nephew, Ahmaud Arbery, in Brunswick, Ga., on Oct. 5.

Another trial, another ‘litmus test’ that America is destined to fail

Justice for Black lives will never be fully served unless white supremacy is also tried, convicted, and abolished.

Jon Kingsdale
Mass General Brigham offices in Somerville.

If the Legislature wants to contain health care costs, it should empower the Health Policy Commission

How do our peer countries control their payment levels? Most of them have national fee schedules or present budgets so that powerful health care systems are not free to raise prices.

Here's the deal: As the nation's chief example-setter, President Biden needs to acknowledge he broke D.C.'s masking regulation on Saturday — and resolve to do better.

Biden should offer an unmasked apology

The president went maskless in a restaurant on Saturday, ignoring D.C.’s regulations. But the rules are for everyone, even presidents. He needs to do better.

Karyn Polito
Maura Eckler, 9, uses a robotic commercial arm to move blocks in an interactive display at the Robot Block Party put on by MassRobotics in Boston on Oct. 2.

Why women should pursue STEM-focused careers

During the pandemic, women in science, technology, engineering, and math occupations were more resistant to job losses and stressors that would otherwise push them out of the workforce.