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Marina Villa

Our Martha’s Vineyard moments

Many accounts focused on the generosity of the Vineyard residents, and while that’s indisputable, it is my experience that when fear and politics are removed from the equation, people in this country have an immense capacity to treat those less fortunate with kindness and respect.

Victor Shi

There is no home for Asian Americans in the Republican Party anymore

Next month, millions of voters will make their voices heard at the polls. For Asian Americans, this is an opportunity to send a message to Trump and Republicans that we will not tolerate their attacks on us.


A private sponsorship program for displaced Venezuelans

The idea is modeled after the innovative private sponsorship initiative called Uniting for Ukraine. The program allows private US citizens and groups to financially sponsor the resettlement of Ukrainians.

Joan Vennochi

With Cape Cod bridges, no one brought home the bacon for Massachusetts

The entire congressional delegation put their weight behind the application to replace the aging bridges. So did the Baker administration and the US Army Corps of Engineers, which owns the bridges. What happened?


The incredible shrinking Vlad

Cartoonist Christopher Weyant's take on the news.

Michael Li

Multiracial democracy is under threat at the US Supreme Court

States and localities would have free rein to design rules that on the surface look “race neutral” but really are thinly disguised pretexts for discriminating against minority voters.

Dr. Richard Dupee

Hope for those with Alzheimer’s disease?

The strong results of the trial boost the drug’s chances of winning approval and offer renewed hope for a class of Alzheimer’s drugs that have repeatedly failed or generated mixed results.

Oliver McPherson-Smith

Empty promises won’t end green slavery

The lack of supply chain transparency creates a convenient excuse to ignore the role of modern slavery in the renewable energy transition.