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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called minority leader Kevin McCarthy "a moron" for criticizing the House issuing a mask mandate following a surge in COVID-19 infections nationwide due to the Delta variant.

Nancy Pelosi was right about Kevin McCarthy

In this political climate, the GOP House leader’s violent joke about the House speaker is like gas-soaked kindling tossed into a fire.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The pathetic politics of anti-public-health pandering

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads a cynical group of demagogues.

During the 111th running of the Boston Marathon an enthusiastic runner gets high-fives from the crowd as she makes her way through Cleveland Circle in Brookline in 2007.

The grievance industry vs. the Boston Marathon

Hey, Brookline! It’s possible to run a world-class race and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day on the same date.

Randolph Kirchain and Hessam Azarijafari
This Arizona State University thermal image photo shows a Phoenix street coated half with new, lighter-colored pavement to the left of the crosshairs, showing as much cooler in yellow than the original blacktop at right in red, on Sept. 10, 2020. A team from Arizona State University is working with the city of Phoenix on a pilot program studying the use of "cool pavement" to reduce the heat island effect, a phenomenon that raises temperatures in urban areas covered by asphalt and concrete.

Solutions to extreme heat can be found in our streets

Cool pavements transform a surface that would otherwise intensify heat into one that addresses both the causes and consequences of climate change.

Joan Vennochi
Boston Acting Mayor Kim Janey walks on the field at Fenway Park after participating in the ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, July 24.

Acting Mayor Kim Janey gets to take credit. What about sharing it?

With that title comes the power to bask in the glory of other people’s ideas.

Sumbul Siddiqui
Brianne Epps of Jackson, Miss., 28, is a single mother with her children (from left) Nolan Epps, 11 months; Kaylee Barnes, 8; Laila Barnes, 6; and Micah Epps, 4, outside her apartment complex. Epps earns $9 an hour working with infants and toddlers in a child-care center, but she has a bigger dream of operating a soul food catering business.

Congress should make child tax credit permanent

Researchers estimate the expanded child tax credit will cut child poverty almost in half, and poverty for Black children by more than half.

Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidates Ben Downing, Danielle Allen, and Sonia Chang-Díaz.

In governor’s race, Democrats need an anti-poverty agenda

Elections give leaders an opportunity to respond to their constituents’ most urgent needs. In Massachusetts, the greatest need is to address poverty and inequality.

Katherine Haley

I will never be normal

I had accepted that it was my fate to die with a needle in my arm in a gutter somewhere. But then I chased my recovery with all the energy I had used to chase drugs.