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Columns are written by Globe Opinion staff columnists. Op-eds are written by outside contributors. Both represent the views of individual writers.

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Giving consumers a choice when buying their electricity

Massachusetts should fix rather than nix the residential retail program.


Donald Trump’s un-wonderful life

Being the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination can’t conceal that the former president is a desperate old man facing more trouble than he ever imagined.


More rabbis are calling for Israel-Hamas cease-fire

The number, while still relatively small, reveals a growing willingness in the Jewish community to speak out on a highly emotional and divisive topic, one rabbi says.

Alan Wirzbicki

Newton could sabotage Auburndale station fix

If it stymies housing growth near Auburndale train station, Newton may learn about opposing forces the hard way.


A collision with Boston City Hall over Wu’s car accident

The newly released finding contradicts an initial police investigation that concluded that Keyanna Smith’s actions did not contribute to the crash.

Uri Dromi

A UN refugee agency has been perpetuating the problem of Palestinian refugees

The current crisis opens a golden opportunity to fix that aberration, at least in Gaza.


‘Napoleon’ isn’t accurate? Excuse me, mate, were you there?

Though, yes, there is a howler or two.

William Lefebvre and Victoria Wisniewski

Gen Z takes a seat — and sets the table — at COP28

The climate change challenge has largely fallen to us, caused by prior generations through a lack of environmental regulations and industrial expansion, leading to an exponential increase in greenhouse gas emissions.