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Consumers are increasingly pushing back against price increases — and winning

Inflation has changed the way many Americans shop

Larry Edelman | Trendlines

Rents in Boston are at a record-high. Could this be as bad as it gets?

Rents are moving lower in other cities. There are tentative signs that it could happen here, too.

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Healey feels the squeeze as state revenues fall and the economy cools

The state is curbing spending as it heads for a second straight decline in annual tax receipts.

US inflation slows but remains elevated in sign that price pressures are easing only gradually

It's the latest sign that the pandemic-fueled price surge is only gradually and fitfully coming under control.

Recession risks are fading, business economists say, but political tensions pose threat to economy

Any downturn would likely result from an external shock — such as a conflict involving China — rather than from domestic economic factors such as higher interest rates.

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Moody’s Analytics election prediction model shows Biden winning in a ‘nail-biter’

In backtesting, the Moody’s Analytics tool correctly picked the winner in 10 of the 11 presidential matchups since 1980.

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Maybe it’s not the economy, stupid

Many voters have the luxury to focus on other issues in this presidential election.

Larry Edelman

Boston Fed president says more evidence of falling inflation needed before cutting interest rates

Despite solid growth, which is usually inflationary, the Fed’s preferred inflation measure fell to 2.9 percent from 4.6 percent in 2023, driven by improvements in supply chains, productivity, and the availability of workers.