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Latest Headlines in Economy

Larry Edelman

This is my fifth bear market. We’ll get through it.

With stock prices down 25 percent this year, perspective is important. So is planning and some luck.

UK train strikes and energy hikes add to a week of turmoil

Trains in Britain all but ground to a halt Saturday as coordinated strikes by rail workers added to a week of turmoil caused by soaring energy prices and unfunded tax cuts that roiled financial markets.

Stocks end September down 9.3 percent, worst month since March 2020

The S&P 500 fell 1.5 percent Friday and is at its lowest level in almost two years.

US economy weaker than thought in year’s first half, by one measure

A key measure of US economic output grew more slowly in the first half of the year than previously believed, government data released Thursday showed.

More shippers on board after $850m expansion of Boston freight terminal

Starting later this fall, the Conley Container Terminal will be served by six routes that connect with 25 ports around the globe.

Ian’s aftermath even harder to fix with supply chain in tatters

The storm is expected to cause some $60 billion to $100 billion in damage, and construction groups warn that labor shortages and supply-chain difficulties may hamper rebuilding efforts.

Wall Street’s drop resumes as specter of economic slump hangs over markets

The backdrop for Thursday’s selling was the same as it has been for weeks: Investors fear a recession as central bankers take a hard line against inflation, looking to cool the economy by raising interest rates.

How do we know when a recession has begun?

Defining a recession is complicated in a post-pandemic economy in which growth is negative but the job market is strong.