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Inflation and consumers show staying power as fed eyes another rate move

If Americans remain willing to pay up to buy products that they both need and want, it could allow companies to keep charging more, making it more difficult to fully stamp out inflation.

US economic growth for last quarter is revised down to a 2.1 percent annual rate

Though the economy has been slowed by the Fed’s strenuous drive to tame inflation with interest rate hikes, it has managed to keep expanding, with employers still hiring and consumers still spending.

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Is the long IPO drought over? A spate of deals kindles revival hope.

Three tech firms filed to go public last week, including Boston’s Klaviyo, the state's most valuable startup.

Powell says economy’s solid growth could require additional Fed hikes to fight inflation

Powell noted that the economy has been growing faster than expected and that consumers have kept spending briskly — trends that could keep inflation pressures high.

Surprisingly durable US economy poses key question: Are we facing higher-for-longer interest rates?

Since last summer, the Fed has raised its benchmark rate to 5.4 percent, its highest level in 22 years. Yet so far, broadly speaking, not much pain has arrived.

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Why investors are taking good economic news badly

Many investors had bet that the Fed would begin cutting interest rates later this year, which would have increased the value of their holdings as yields fell.


Is the endangered liberal arts major worth saving?

Liberal arts have come under pressure from higher education’s rapidly rising costs, but the very nature of this education leads to adaptable, flexible workers.

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There is no quick fix on the state’s $2.5 billion unemployment flub

The state is still working out what to do about the massive mix-up, which occurred in 2020 under the Baker administration.