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Last Skier Standing endurance competition ends with a new record

Justin Lagassey of Plymouth, N.H., completed 76 laps up and down Black Mountain in Maine – the equivelent of 223 miles of skiing with 91,000 feet of elevation gain

Four people injured in separate weekend snowmobile crashes in New Hampshire

Officials cautioned that conditions in New Hampshire are “poor” for snowmobiling so far this winter, with many trails closed and others providing limited safe riding space.

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Funding to fight child hunger is in jepoardy in N.H. Advocates urge the governor to act.

A new federal program would help pay for food for 37,000 children in New Hampshire this summer. But the state has not met the Feb. 15 deadline to submit a plan to participate in it.

Should medical aid in dying be legal in N.H.?

The controversial proposal has dedicated supporters who believe it gives people suffering a way to die with dignity, while detractors say it would normalize suicide.


New Hampshire House defeats three abortion bills

Two bills would add further restrictions, while a third would include the affirmative right to abortion in the state’s constitution.

Two men set new winter speed record for hiking all 48 4,000-plus-foot N.H. peaks

“I wanted to be a part of the club. I wanted to have my name on that,” said Philip Carcia, who completed the hike with Andrew Soares.

21-year-old man injured in ice-climbing accident in Bartlett, N.H.

Ryan Cooper fell about 30 feet onto Cathedral Ledge and suffered a “really bad fracture of his lower leg," officials said.


How N.H.’s housing crisis is affecting addiction recovery efforts

Recovery houses – in which multiple adults live in a shared space, sometimes with supervision – are in high demand and low supply, impacting access in New Hampshire.