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People are wearing hazmat suits on planes, but should they?

Disposable PPE suits can cost less than $20 online, but health experts aren't advocating wearing them on planes during the pandemic.


The future of flight: Immunity passports, unexpected border closings, and no carry-ons

A dramatic transformation in air travel is well underway. Simple tweaks, such as deep cleaning planes after every flight, to more invasive ones, like dousing passengers with disinfectant, have begun around the world.


American Airlines canceled my flight after the pandemic. Where’s my refund?

Jill Kaiserman wanted a refund for her canceled American Airlines flight. The airline wanted to offer her a credit. Who is right? And what does the US Department of Transportation have to do with this case?

7 experts tell us where they go to find peace and beauty outdoors

Suggestions range from Maine's 100-Mile Wilderness, to Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest in Hawley, to your own backyard.


Jesse Wegman makes a case for abolishing the Electoral College — and for picking the window seat

The former Newton resident just published his first book, “Let the People Pick the President: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College,” and will discuss it at a Kennedy Library (virtual) Forum on May 27.

RV sales and rentals are skyrocketing during pandemic

A desire to venture out while still social distancing drives interest in the humble motor home.


How to get road-trip ready

Whether you need to travel for essential reasons or are looking ahead to a future road-trip adventure, it’s important to put some extra thought and effort into your planning this summer.