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‘All major events happen around the table’: What it’s like to eat your way around Porto

We wanted to try Porto’s traditional dishes — conservas, queijo, enchidos, fumados, and folderas — so we joined a walking tour and ate just about everything in sight.


An hour’s drive from Lisbon, along Portugal’s west coast, a whole lot of raw beauty

Our plan of attack: Spend five days exploring the Alentejo region, bookended with time in Lisbon on arrival and Porto on the back end. Here's how we did it.


Breathless in the South of France

An off-season zip trip across the south of France unveils its vast beauty and treasures, minus the crowds. You should plan on spending seven days to take it all in. We had three. Here's how we spent them.


It’s all things Scotland at the historic Fife Arms hotel

Entering the renovated hotel feels like walking into a grand Scottish country home, a filled-to-the-gills historic museum, and a contemporary art gallery — all at once.


In Camden, Maine, blazing hearth and seaside views combine for winter romance

Midcoast Maine is a tranquil place in winter. Already a postcard-like destination, Camden is even prettier cloaked in snow.


Matisyahu on his current snack picks, travel agent Darlene, and that terrible motorcycle trip he took

We caught up with the Grammy-nominated reggae, hip-hop, and alt-rock singer-songwriter to talk about all things travel.


Celtic fiddlers in Worcester, Kuala Lumpur on foot, and leggings made from recycled plastic

Travel news you can use.


I was charged an extra $250 for a mistaken car rental upgrade

When Leah Page picked up her rental car from Thrifty, it charged her a $250 upgrade fee. Can it do this without her permission, and how can she get a refund?