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Travel restrictions for Maine this summer

Here are the rules if you plan to visit.


Did Vueling change my itinerary, or did my travel agent make a mistake?

Howard Tharp and his companions missed their flight to London. Did Vueling change their itinerary, or did his travel agent make a mistake? And who should pay for the new tickets?


What will it take for airlines to persuade us to fly?

Even with the extra measures that nearly every US airline has launched since COVID-19 ravaged the travel industry, is it enough to convince passengers that it’s now safe to travel?

Come to your senses: The healing power of some New England grand estate gardens

Getting away to these estates for a stroll through the landscapes will literally bring you to your senses.

These 2 New England beaches were just ranked in the top 25 in the US

Two New England beaches recently made the top 25 list of sandy havens in the United States, according to Tripadvisor’s 2020 Travelers’ Choice Awards, which were released on Tuesday.


Antoni Porowski on missing vacations and the superiority of New England clam chowder

We caught up with the 'Queer Eye' food and wine expert to talk about all things travel.


These are trying times for loyalty reward programs

There's a lot at stake. For some businesses, particularly airlines, the loyalty program is the most profitable part of the organization. If the program fails, so could the company.


In the mood for some great chocolate? Check out Vermont’s sweetest DIY tour

To practice social distancing, stay “one cow apart,” according to local signage.