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Finding good coffee on the Cape is no longer a grind

Whether you’re looking for a place to pull up an Adirondack chair in the morning sunshine, cold brew in hand, or a cozy table and a warm cappuccino to ride out that one rainy afternoon on your vacation, the number of maverick coffeehouses is on the rise on the Cape.

Looking for a New England getaway before summer ends? Here are some suggestions

Sure, it’s August. But there’s still time for a late summer vacation.


New ways to appreciate Boston’s architecture

Pull out an app and learn about the buildings around you whose details you may not have noticed, or take a walking tour of architecturally rich neighborhoods.


‘What better way to tell the story of a place than through its buildings?’

There’s an increasing interest among travelers in architecture, which has been moving from the background to the foreground among the principal things that draw people to a destination.

Christopher Muther

No one — and I mean no one — wants to see your bare feet on a plane. Ever.

I can’t believe I actually need to say this, but it’s necessary, so here it goes: In the name of all that is holy, please leave your shoes and/or socks on your feet when you’re on an airplane.

How to afford a trip to expensive Switzerland

Switzerland has a well deserved reputation for being very costly, but there is a secret to traveling within the country: Travel like the Swiss.

The vip lounge | Nic Rouleau

The VIP Lounge with actor Nic Rouleau, coming to Boston for ‘Hello Dolly’

We caught up with Rouleau, 32, to talk about all things travel.

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