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Latest Headlines in Travel


I booked the wrong airport, so can I get a refund for my ticket?

When Linda Brucia tried to change her American Airlines flight to tend to her ailing father, she inadvertently booked the wrong airport. How can she fix this mistake?


Inflation is a big factor in holiday travel this year. (Also: Some people don’t like ‘seeing lights’!)

A recent survey asked readers about traveling for the December holidays and whether inflation and gas prices are affecting their plans — and, for fun, what their most disliked holiday traditions are.


Hey, Chase Sapphire Reserve, where’s my $15,194?

Judy Lambert files an insurance claim with her Chase Sapphire Reserve card after canceling her snorkeling trip to Cuba. But, four months later, she’s still waiting for her $15,194 check. Will she ever see the money?


Lego artist Nathan Sawaya on his Boston roots, traveling sketch pad, and adding that extra vacation day

We caught up with the mastermind behind "The Art of the Brick," now on display on Newbury Street.


When Bermuda had an identity crisis, the island turned to a Bostonian for help

Bermuda needed to pull in new visitors. A Boston branding and design firm is helping the island find its way.


‘Biguanas’ and Bogie add to the allure of this funky Florida outpost

Less touristy than Key West, and less chic than Miami, low-key Key Largo is the northernmost key in the chain of islands.


6 things you need to do differently when you fly now

It’s pretty ugly out there. Everything takes longer. Flights are frequently delayed. You need a whole new approach on multiple levels to get through it all sanely and safely.


A ski resort opens with a new name, shirts get a new life, and the sky puts on a show

Travel news you can use.