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Latest Headlines in Travel


Celebrating the creative process at the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa, Okla.

Curators have selected more than 100,000 items from Dylan’s own collection, along with audio and video interviews with him and other artists. This is an exhibit that does not try to “figure out” Dylan. It succeeds by focusing on his work.


Art in Brattleboro, music and laughter in Portland, and the world’s largest rubber duck in Michigan

Travel news (and gadgets) you can use.


My Turo rental was repossessed with valuable items inside

After Michelle Marshall’s Turo rental got repossessed, the car-sharing company offered her a partial refund. But what about her son’s expensive epilepsy medication? Is Turo responsible for that?


Pedaling his message: Conn. cyclist is riding 10,000 miles to raise awareness about distracted driving

“Being on the road is a huge risk, particularly for cyclists, and it only takes a tiny error in judgment to alter someone’s life,” says Ben Grannis, who resumes his journey this month.


How to capture that resort-y vibe — in Cambridge. For real.

Can Cambridge make the grade as an outdoorsy weekend getaway? We were about to find out.


Timmy Sneaks on being early, staying hydrated, and getting his art out there

We caught up with Sneaks, who lives in Medford, to talk about all things travel.


A third of Americans feel guilty about taking vacation, new study finds

Most Americans are burned out at work, but almost half say they aren’t using all of their paid time off. Meanwhile, Europeans get an average of 21 days off, and they take all of them — and feel much less guilty about it.


How to save money on a road trip

After speaking with some people who road-trip for a living, we compiled tips for making your trip as easy and cost-effective as possible.