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Kalil House is a calming Frank Lloyd Wright gem

The Currier Museum in Manchester, N.H., now owns two of the historic homes, and they’re located in the same neighborhood. Tours will start this spring.


Savoring the woods on a snowshoe-y evening

I knew my kids would like snowshoeing as much as I do, especially if the trek ended with some great food.


‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ play starring roles in New Zealand tourism

Today, “Hobbiton” is one fantasy world to rule them all, hosting up to 3,000 daily visitors, the nation’s third-most popular tourism site.

Here’s where to feel like a kid in a candy store

Let’s make a toast, with one of those wax coke bottles, to New England’s best spots for those of us with sweet teeth.


Winter games: Here’s where families can have some fun

From ice castles in New Hampshire to ice bumper cars in Rhode Island, we found New England family fun without ski mountain prices.

The best and worst buys at Hudson News

Like many things at the airport, you can end up paying a premium for convenience.

Plenty to love in St. Petersburg

The Russian city is arguably one of the most romantic in the world. Here’s why.

If you prefer a friendly chat to Snapchat, this pub is for you

Guests at King Eider’s in Damariscotta, Maine, get a discount on certain days if they separate from their devices for a while.