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Burbage Theatre Co.’s ‘Playhouse Creatures’ delivers strong message but misses the mark

Written and directed by a woman, the performance about feminism in the 17th century clandestinely but intentionally connects with the current state of misogyny in the theater arts.


Rhode Island native Kali Reis on starring in ‘True Detective: Night Country’

“I’m still learning on the job. But I mean, walking down Sunset Boulevard and seeing a giant billboard with my face on it? What?” said Reis, who grew up in East Providence.


Trinity Rep’s ‘La Broa’ delivers a love letter to the founding families of las comunidad Latina of Providence

The oral histories take the audience on a sentimental journey that transitions us to another time, a different place, and a slower pace.


‘Searching for Steve’ follows Providence father as he copes with loss of adopted son

The 280-page book is broken up into eight parts, and weaves in Harris’s narration with Stephen’s journal entries.


Wilbury’s ‘Hir’ is a disarmingly audacious reflection of a rapidly changing America

The play by Taylor Mac was first produced in 2015. With all that has transpired in the country since, it‘s still funny in 2024, but so much more tragic, and powerful as ever.


End of an era in Newport, R.I., as The Bells is set to be demolished

The ruins of the Gilded Age estate have inspired imaginations, explorations, and plenty of graffiti artists.


Lumina light festival, a large-scale light and public art installation, debuts in Providence

A kaleidoscope of color and sound has arrived in Providence with the debut of Lumina Light Festival — a free public art and light installation that will illuminate the city during winter’s harsh months.


Providence’s Matt Harvey just won a spot in the ‘Jeopardy!’ Wild Card Tournament

The Rhode Islander got a request from “Jeopardy!” to play again — and won $35,000 Monday night with a question about Providence and Boston.