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Tougher oversight key to protecting state’s elderly

Nursing home deaths that far outpace the national average cry out for real reform from the Baker administration.


What does the Declaration of Independence mean to you?

In 2020, with the nation convulsed by a pandemic and protests against police violence, what does the Declaration of Independence mean to you?


Cocktails to go? Not in Massachusetts.

Legislators are dragging their feet over allowing struggling bars and restaurants to sell cocktails with takeout and delivery orders, denying them important revenue.


Other cities can fire police officers for misconduct. Why not Boston?

Police discipline should not be on the table during union negotiations.


Russian bounties on US soldiers cry out for action

With silence from the White House, it falls to Congress to probe acts of international criminality.


America deserves better

COVID-19 is ascendant, while White House leadership hits rock bottom.


Troopergate case a study in privilege

Ethics Commission sees conflicts of interest, but the real 'crime' is a double standard of justice.


The Massachusetts Teachers Association tries to exploit a crisis

The union has issued a long list of directives it says should be preconditions if teachers are to return to school in the fall, including getting rid of the MCAS for good.