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Vote yes on Question 1

A yes vote on “Right to Repair” is the path forward for Massachusetts, but the Legislature still has a role to play.


Why is Baker so reluctant to disclose vital COVID-19 information?

The public deserves to know more about the outbreak in Massachusetts and what happened in the state’s nursing homes.


Vote yes on Question 2

Massachusetts voters can strike an important blow for majority rule by moving to ranked-choice voting for a number of state and federal elections.


States need significant economic stimulus from Washington

Massachusetts and many other states face severe revenue shortfalls without it.


Correction officials thwarting medical parole

Denying or delaying compassionate release to prisoners on their deathbeds violates a 2018 Massachusetts law.


Keeping dishonest cops off the witness stand

Police departments need to cooperate with prosecutors and prosecutors need to keep better lists of police officers who ought not to be testifying in criminal cases. But lawmakers on Beacon Hill have the real work to do.


The Globe endorses Joe Biden for president

The former vice president is uniquely poised to restore the integrity of the presidency and to repair the damage of the last four years.

Why vote for Biden — 12 cases for 12 voters

We make a specific case for Biden for 12 different kinds of voters.