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More Life Sciences Headlines

New nasal spray vaccines might reduce COVID infections, but the money is still missing

New nasal spray vaccines might reduce COVID infections and cut off transmission, but data supporting the approach, and funding for clinical trials, is scant.

Price of Cambridge biotech’s new ALS drug criticized by watchdog group

It says the $158,000 annual cost per patient isn’t justified, based on the medicine’s effectiveness.

Cambridge biotech wins approval for much-debated ALS drug

The closely watched drug, called Relyvrio, was developed by Amylyx Pharmaceuticals, a biotech founded in 2013 by two Brown University graduates.

Ventus Therapeutics cuts $70m deal with Danish drug giant Novo Nordisk

The small local biotech is working on drugs to treat conditions like nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and chronic kidney disease.

Promising Alzheimer’s drug provides second chance for Biogen, and a debated theory about the disease

Like other available treatments, lecanemab does not cure, reverse, or even halt the memory-robbing disease — but it adds new information to the long-running debate about the cause of Alzheimer’s disease and how best to treat it.

Biogen and Eisai say their second Alzheimer’s drug slows the disease in large study

Although far from a cure, the therapy provides tentative hope to the millions of Americans afflicted by the devastating disease.

Biogen pays $900m to settle whistle-blower suit over kickbacks

Under the terms of the settlement, the Cambridge-based drug firm will pay more than $843 million to the US government and more than $56 million to 15 states for overbilling Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs.

Broad scales up as Biogen scales back in Kendall Square

A three-way deal between Broad, Biogen, and Boston Properties will aid the research institute’s expansion while generating roughly $600 million in cash for the drugmaker.