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North End outdoor dining — with its new fees — is nearing its end. Where did the money go?

A nine-person committee of North End residents and restaurateurs has doled out $714,300 for cleaning services and traffic accommodations.


Don’t know a jibe from a jib? Check out The Sailing Museum in Newport

Although the sport’s rock stars visit and share their sailing stories, those who’ve never hoisted a sail can have a good time, too, in this 8,000-square-foot space.


The South Shore gets a new brunch spot; the North End prepares for a feast

Plus, a deli signs off and a snack incubator pops up.


This quick-service restaurant is all it’s Crack’d up to be

With locations in New Hampshire and on the North Shore, it gives quick-service breakfast a good name.


The Silver Scream Con in Danvers, a new restaurant in Portland, and a military vehicles museum in Wyoming

Travel news you can use.


‘We want to give you a sense of Maine, but not clobber you with it’

We checked out The Federal in Brunswick, formerly the Captain Daniel Stone Inn, where, if things had gone according to plan, we’d be discussing grab bars, not raw bars.


I don’t know if I want to be married anymore

“We got married quickly, after our divorces, and I feel like we should have waited.”

Robert Downey Jr. was biking around on Mass. Ave., checking out MIT’s campus

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. posted pictures and videos of himself touring parts of the MIT campus this week, including one of him taking a bike ride near the Cambridge border.


Montreal’s gone mad for murals, and we’re here for it

Depending on how you count them up (if you include the small ones), there are approximately 1,500 to 2,000 murals in and around Canada’s second-largest city.


How to make bad travel situations better

Here are some common issues and solutions so that you can try to make the best of your situation.


American Queen changes COVID protocols; can I get a refund?

After American Queen changed its COVID protocols, Patricia Voorhees Furlong and her husband wanted to skip their river cruise. Is that allowed? Or, will they lose out on $7,858?


The restored Emily Dickinson Homestead is ready for its closeup

After a two-year renovation, the museum plans to open to the public on Aug. 16. Space is limited and visitors must use the new online ticketing system to guarantee a spot. Here's what's new, both in person and online.


Kyla Stone on her love of Maine, a favorite (stolen) hat, and living out of suitcases on tour

We caught up with the actress and singer, who is coming to Boston to appear in the musical “Anastasia,” to talk about all things travel.


I’m trying to stay friends with someone who’s chronically hours late

Plus, my brother has imposed new rules for seeing my nieces and nephews.

Barack and Michelle Obama drop in on the African American Film Festival on Martha’s Vineyard

A couple of very well-known locals made a surprise appearance at the African American Film Festival on Martha’s Vineyard Friday night.

10 ways to geek out at Fan Expo Boston this weekend

Fans of all stripes will converge for celebrity-led events, photo ops, meet and greets, cosplay, screenings and more.