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During the coronavirus pandemic, Comfort Zone is a place to find ideas and tips for keeping ourselves, our kids, our minds entertained, or at least distracted.


Schools across US mull outdoor classes amid coronavirus, ventilation worries

Concerns about school infrastructure are adding momentum to plans in some districts, even in colder climates, to take classes outdoors for the sake of student and teacher health.

Is it a good idea to tell him how I feel?

I thought COVID would be a good time to really explore another side of our friendship.


Dunkin’ will release its own cereal this month. But is it any good?

Three local taste-testers (all cereal connoisseurs) endeavor to find out.

Elle Fanning to play Michelle Carter in a new show based on the texting suicide case

An upcoming Hulu series based on the Michelle Carter texting suicide case that sparked attention worldwide has its lead.

Mom worries that dysfunction will follow kids

Advice from Amy Dickinson.


Virus-quieted oceans opened window for Shark Week researchers

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week producers were quick to capitalize on the opportunity.


Concert series at Crane Beach provides ‘Fresh Air Tunes'

A different musical act will play at the lot for three Sunday nights in August starting at 8 p.m — courtesy of its organizer, The Trustees of Reservations.


Local movie theaters ask patrons to ‘Save Your Cinema'

"If I could get 25 people in a theater, that would be great right now."

He messages his ex on Snapchat

Today at a family party, he opened her Snapchat thread and there was a picture of her that he responded to with the flirty eye emojis ... or at least that is how I interpreted it.

It’s easy to get attached to these area bike racks

A critic pauses to appreciate the city's most interesting places to park two wheels.

In a new reading box, two Rhode Island thrillers, a candle, and chocolate

Ten percent of the sales from the boxes will go to the Rhode Island Writers Colony, which supports writers of color in residency programs.


Biking to Telegraph Hill: Lots of views, some history, and, oh yeah, not a bad workout

A brisk walk around the park is quick — it’s only a smidge over five acres. But there’s plenty of space for stretches, pushups, and crunches, and, with some imagination, plyometrics.

Love Letters

I have to be far from family to live with my boyfriend

My head is in a state of pure panic as I think about 1) leaving my beloved family and 2) going to a place that was not my dream place.


Al Wilson on street art, stick shifts, and Spain

We caught up with the founder of Beyond Walls to talk about all things travel.


4 of Maine’s prettiest drives

Trying to select a handful of the best is like picking your favorite child. And yet, here we go.

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