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During the coronavirus pandemic, Comfort Zone is a place to find ideas and tips for keeping ourselves, our kids, our minds entertained, or at least distracted.


Jeff Bridges, noted for ‘The Big Lebowski,’ says he has been diagnosed with lymphoma

Actor Jeff Bridges took to Twitter Monday evening to share that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma, channeling his legendary character from “The Big Lebowski” in the process.


At New England Wildlife Center, a Halloween tradition becomes ‘a big virtual hug’

This year's Night of a Thousand Faces fundraiser promises storytelling filled with mystery and animals.


Shooting stars: Tips for photographing the night sky

Here's the gear you'll need for astrophotography, and how to make the best use of it.


Starry, starry nights: Check out these all-star stargazing locales

Things may not be looking up, but people are.

Cold feet or cancel the elopement?

Tell this reader whether to elope ... or break up.


Dolls, books, and ‘The Bachelor’: Historian pair reflects on their American Girls podcast

Mary Mahoney and Allison Horrocks revisit the books that accompany the dolls and analyze them from a feminist point of view.


Exploring Connecticut’s witchcraft past

“Salem gets all the attention, but we have a much longer history.”

Artist hikes length of Vermont, painting along the way

Rob Mullen is hiking the 272-mile Long Trail that runs the length of Vermont and over its highest mountains from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts state line and painting sights along the way.


4 candy shops for sweet family field trips

These stops feature everything from international treats to old-fashioned confections.

Can I reach out to someone who ghosted me?

Help this letter writer with her ghosting problem.

Why this business owner is closing her shop during the busiest season of the year

Sofi Madison says shuttering during the holidays — her busiest, most profitable season — is not an easy decision, "but everything about 2020 is different."


What to do when a thief hacks your eBay account

It was time-consuming and frustrating trying to regain control of my account and finances. I’m just glad I was paying attention. Here’s what I learned.


When can my child go to school? A COVID-19 primer

Two of the Boston area’s top experts (and parents) weigh in.

Boston Children’s Museum has a few tricks in store for a happy COVID-era Halloween

The last week of October brings holiday-themed happenings in a socially distanced setting.

10 cool events for kids at libraries, zoos, and science museums

There's no shortage of great science, music, and public art programming for all ages.