Comfort Zone

In this together

During this unsettling time, we could all use some comfort and a sense of community. So we've temporarily revamped the Names page into Comfort Zone, a place to find ideas and tips for keeping ourselves, our kids, our minds entertained, or at least distracted.



More than 800 MIT graduates will sing one song together, virtually

“Comusica” will be unveiled to attendees of MIT’s virtual commencement ceremony on May 29.


American Airlines canceled my flight after the pandemic. Where’s my refund?

Jill Kaiserman wanted a refund for her canceled American Airlines flight. The airline wanted to offer her a credit. Who is right? And what does the US Department of Transportation have to do with this case?

Bill Clinton and James Patterson team up again for political thriller, ‘The President’s Daughter’

After co-writing the best-selling adult novel of 2018, Clinton and Patterson are working on another political thriller together.

Andover teen Jenna Holiday is putting in the work to become a pop star

Now 19, she's moved to LA to launch her career and pursue her dreams.

7 experts tell us where they go to find peace and beauty outdoors

Suggestions range from Maine's 100-Mile Wilderness, to Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest in Hawley, to your own backyard.

This ‘SNL’ video captures just what a wreck your house is after two months of quarantine

The "Your House Promo" video, with voice-over by Beck Bennett, gets the stay-at-home chaos so perfectly it hurts.

Shop, chop, dine, and dance as a celebrated chef and Boston Dance Theater team up for holiday event

"Chopped" champion Fernanda Tapia is hosting a virtual cooking class on Monday at 2:30 p.m. that will be followed by an exclusive recorded show.


Jesse Wegman makes a case for abolishing the Electoral College — and for picking the window seat

The former Newton resident just published his first book, “Let the People Pick the President: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College,” and will discuss it at a Kennedy Library (virtual) Forum on May 27.

RV sales and rentals are skyrocketing during pandemic

A desire to venture out while still social distancing drives interest in the humble motor home.


I’m a restaurant critic — and I’m not ready to eat in a restaurant right now

Let me be clear: I want to, badly. But there are simply too many practical and moral sticking points right now.

We want to know: When do you think you’ll eat in a restaurant again?

Please share your thoughts for a Globe story.

Nearly half of men say they do most of the home schooling — 3% of women agree

Home schooling, the new parental chore brought about by coronavirus lockdowns, is being handled disproportionately by women, according to a new poll by Morning Consult for The New York Times.

Grandparents at odds over visiting grandson

Advice from Amy Dickinson.


She brings uplifting messages to the windows of local storefronts

The #letteringforlove initiative is Antea Amoroso’s way of supporting as many boutiques, bookshops, and retailers as she can during the pandemic.


Mount Auburn emergency physician authors apocalypse-era comic book

“By the Time I Get to Dallas” author Colin Devonshire draws inspiration from graphic novels he read as a kid in the ’80s, which he called “the golden age of comics.”

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