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Latest Headlines in Visual Arts

Community members restore mural in Chinatown

“Tied Together by a Thousand Threads” was first installed in July 2017 by the nonprofit Asian Community Development Corporation. The mural was lightly vandalized in the first few years after its unveiling and then noticeably defaced during the pandemic.

To search, to seek, to see: Betye Saar brings her travels to the Gardner Museum

Acclaimed artist Betye Saar brings her “Heart of a Wanderer” exhibition to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum through May 21. The 96-year-old artist is credited with “redefining Black consciousness in art.”


Darrel Ellis: A fractured life in pictures at the Carpenter Center

Artist Darrel Ellis spent his all-too-short career constructing a lineage from his father’s left-behind photos.


At the Griffin, layers upon photographic layers

Four exhibits the Griffin Museum of Photography show that layering can be literal: applying fabric or paint or beading to the photographic image. It can also be figurative, with layers of memory, identity, meaning.


Heads in the cloud: ‘Spatial Disclosures’ considers shared consciousness

Artists Nan Tull and Nona Hershey join forces at SOPRAFINAGallery.


Peeking behind the scenes of ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio’

The Museum of Modern Art looks at the nuts-and-bolts of the Oscar-winning Netflix film.


At the MFA, enslaved Black potters’ work brings lives into the light in ‘Hear Me Now’

“Hear Me Now” just opened at the Museum of Fine Arts. It would be a riveting history lesson, chilling and mournful, if that’s all it was. It aspires to, and achieves, so much more.

Art Review

Abstraction is women’s work, too, at Addison Gallery of American Art

The sprawling exhibition “Women and Abstraction: 1741-Now" refutes the popular idea that abstraction was created by American men.