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7 New England museums focused on one artist

From Edward Gorey to Norman Rockwell, individual artists are soloists and stars at these small museums.


At Brown University, ‘Fertile Ground’ exhibition rethinks the art world’s romance with Mother Nature

Women of color find oppression and grief where male artists traditionally found mystery and desire.

Meet the ‘dogged, tenacious champion’ who spent 11 years building Boston’s newest art museum

Lisa Tung envisioned a museum on the grounds of MassArt, a place to train a new generation of museum professionals.

@LArge | Michael Andor Brodeur

‘Untitled Goose Game’ achieved hit video game status by unleashing our inner jerk

Waddling into the quiet, malicious, metaphorical magic of “Untitled Goose Game.”

At the Gardner Museum, seven favorites from 25 years of artists-in-residence

“In the Company of Artists” celebrates the museum’s residency program with an exhibition of highlights.

New England’s most fascinating museum shows for fall

A packed season brings reappraisals of all-American favorites and solo shows for tomorrow’s art stars.

Art Review

Yale exhibition celebrates John Ruskin, the most titanic of Victorian titans

“Unto This Last: Two Hundred Years of John Ruskin” observes the great critic’s bicentenary.