Latest Headlines in Visual Arts

Critic's Notebook

In the Seaport, an artist’s ‘Mock’ triple-decker nails Boston housing policy

It’s easy enough to miss on first pass. Look a little closer, though, and you’ll see matter and anti-matter meeting: A ghost of the city’s past exhumed to haunt its extreme present.

In Jamaica Plain, artists rip into wasteful fast fashion

A new public art project underscores the high cost of cheap clothing.

Heirs introduce the digital world to Jerome Liebling photography ‘that no one knows’

Heirs hope a deal with Getty Images will promote the photographer’s later and lesser known works.


At Anthony Greaney, an installation built from shards of childhood memories

The collaborative work is woven with colors, photos, and designs representing the artists’ very different histories.

Art Review

Simon Dinnerstein’s ‘Fulbright Triptych’ is a rich, realistic monument to family life

The enormous piece is packed with detail and art history references.

Bright, beloved Frank Stella painting becomes public mural in Boston’s Seaport

The mural is a reproduction of his 1970 painting "Damascus Gate (Stretch Variation I)."

MIT’s ‘The Polaroid Project’ traces the pre-digital influence of instant photo technology

Polaroid founder Edwin Land understood the importance of cultivating cultural cachet.


At Gallery 263, colorful art made from Post-Its, pens, and paper clips

Artist Lennon Michelle Wolcott Hernandez found inspiration (and raw materials) in the office.