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More Rhode Island Business Headlines


Block Island Ferry resumes after four-day suspension due to rough seas

Ferry service to Block Island resumed Wednesday after a four-day suspension due to hazardous sea conditions. The High-Speed Ferry has been canceled for a fifth day.


Next competitor for R.I. hospital CEOs? Amazon, CVS, Uber Eats, and other tech.

Companies that specialize in artificial intelligence and digital tech are Lifespan’s biggest competitors to tackle, according to CEO John Fernandez.

Amazon sued by FTC and 17 states over allegations it inflates online prices, overcharges sellers

The antitrust lawsuit against Amazon alleges it uses its position in the marketplace to inflate prices on other platforms, overcharges sellers, and stifles competition.


R.I. electric rates to increase 24% starting Oct. 1

On Tuesday, state regulators approved a pricing proposal from Rhode Island Energy, the state’s dominant electric utility, that will raise electric bills by 24 percent this winter.

A federal government shutdown would have wide-ranging impacts in New England

More than 60,000 federal employees work in the region, and they could be facing halted paychecks.


Latest COVID vaccine rollout facing canceled appointments, pricey insurance bills

“If you’ve had a problem finding the vaccine, stick with it. More vaccine is on the way,” the CDC director said.


Providence, Skyline eviction dispute to go to trial early next year

The trial, set for late February, would be nearly a year since the administration of Mayor Brett Smiley filed to have the Skyline group evicted for late rent payments, fire code violations, and unpaid taxes.


R.I. officials fire back at Black leaders who accuse state of discrimination in public contracting

While defending the state’s contracting system, McKee officials are now asking how one of the complaining groups has spent public dollars the state allocated to it, which the group’s attorneys call “a deflection.”