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Colleges made standardized tests optional for admissions. Did it work?

Dartmouth, Yale, and MIT are reinstating test score submission requirements. Other colleges should be carefully evaluating their policies.


For Lent (or any other time), I’m giving up on giving up

It’s time to strike a blow against Americans’ obsession with self-denial.

Naishalys Negron and Emperis Mathews

Why isn’t the state helping youth aging out of foster care access housing?

How is it that only eight Massachusetts housing authorities out of 120 that are eligible have accessed HUD’s Foster Youth to Independence vouchers?

Carine Hajjar

If Biden wanted to see the migrant crisis up close, he should have come to Massachusetts

Instead he went to Texas.

Ron Currie

Behind the battle over what children can read

No matter how often moral panics over kids and art backfire, they remain perennial as daisies.


Amid a housing crisis, Milton can’t be allowed to flout new zoning law

The attorney general sued the town for violating a new state housing law, sending an important message to other communities that might be considering defiance.


Mass. Republican voters should give party chair Amy Carnevale a vote of confidence

Here’s how to support the current GOP chair against the party’s pugnacious old guard.


Mitch McConnell has already been defeated — by Trump

Mitch McConnell will step down as Republican Senate leader at year’s end. But he’s already been defeated by Trump.