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Campbell puts towns on notice: MBTA housing law isn’t optional

Truculent municipalities told they can’t opt out of rule requiring them to allow multifamily development around transit.


Should replacing Kamala Harris really be unthinkable?

For President Biden, there is a potential political downside in choosing a new running mate. But the potential upside is arguably greater.

John Yoo

Prosecuting Trump for hush money undermines more serious investigations

The prosecution’s case faces severe legal problems that impede what should be the main focus — whether Trump was responsible for the Jan. 6 insurrection or other efforts to block the electoral vote count.


Normalize indicting Donald Trump

Compared to other accusations, a hush money scandal is minor. But it could be the motivation other prosecutors need to make their own cases against Trump’s malfeasance.


Putin now a pariah on the world stage

International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for making children pawns of war has value beyond a courtroom.

Hussain S. Lalani, Sarosh Nagar, Jerry Avorn, and Aaron S. Kesselheim

Not so fast on COVID vaccine price hike

Policy makers have several options to maximize benefits from public investments and improve returns for the entire global community.


Protesters won’t let Cambridge sweep fatal police shooting ‘under the rug’

A coalition of college students is helping to keep the cause for more transparency alive.

Teresa Fazio

Twenty years after Iraq War, what happened to the children?

Could they — improbably, from my perspective of the carnage — be raising children of their own in the same mud-walled compounds I recall driving by?